vacation of sorts

*whew* The paper my group has been working on has just been uploaded to Cancer Research. I had a few last minute requests this morning for changes to my graphics so it's been a busy day. I'm just starting on my lab work now at 1pm. It's all worth it though since now the last minute changes are at an end.

The secondary effect of this is that I can take some time off since once the next project starts I'm locked in for several months. So I'm taking off 7 days and won't be returning until April 23. Whee! The "of sorts" in the title refers to my using the time to go to my parents house and make a number of repairs that have been piling up since my last visit. It's not all one-sided though since I spend plenty of time kayaking out on the lake near their house. And when I get back from that, I've got plenty of issues to deal with at my own house. And since the state is garnishing my already puny wages these past few weeks, I guess I'd best take care of THAT too! Always something, y'know?

As for my blog, it's hit two milestones of sorts this month. 3 days ago I hit the 80,000 visitor mark and I celebrated my two year mark on April 1. The celebration was small so don't be upset if you didn't receive an invitation. LOL


rosemary said…
Well, I for one feel left out...a celebration and I wasn't invited???

Enjoy your time off and kayak your heart out.
kenju said…
Dave, you deserve a nice vacation, even if you have to spend it fixing things! Congrats on the 80k and on the 2 yr. anniversary. Have many more!
Bob-kat said…
Congratulations on your blog milestones and on finishing your paper. Sound slike you've earned your rest!

Your 'vacation' sounds like mine when I take time off - I always have things that pile up and need doing too! Have fun kayaking and enjoy your rest!
Noi said…
Wow ! Congrats!!! You are going kayaking? I am so jealous but then again, I cant swim:p
Deana said…
80,000 that's alot. Congrats...enjoy your vacation.
Pearl said…
Awesome. Great to have a change of pace, and a bit of time on the water besides. Enjoy.
Matthew Didier said…
...but was Tracy Lords at the celebration?

Anonymous said…
Congrats on all the milestones! And enjoy your time off, you deserve it. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
srp said…
Oh, goody! When you go kayaking then there will surely be wonderful pictures of sun and reflections and mist rising off the surface of the water, yes? Almost makes me want to take it up.. note, I said "almost". Enjoy!

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