Some things are just wrong

A few nights ago I was reminded of my short exposure to kiddie porn many, many years ago. In my defense, while my viewing of the movies was intentional--I had no idea the main actress was a child. For that matter, millions of others weren't aware either.

The show in question was Andy Barker, PI over on the NBC Network and the 4th episode had Traci Lords as a guest star. Lords, in her early days, was one of the first mega-stars of the porn industry. I saw two of her early movies when I was in my early 20s, a few years out of college. I wasn't aware at that time that she was just 15 or 16.

Her underage status wasn't revealed until shortly after her 18th birthday--and by that time she'd been in over 100 skin flicks. All of which had to be pulled off the shelves since they were now declared to be illegal due to now being classified as child pornography. According to the Wiki entry on her, Lord's and her step-father were behind the deception with forged documentation making it seem as if she was 7 years older than she actually was. I'll tell you one thing--she sure didn't look like a kid so it's easy to see why people were fooled!

On the other hand, she didn't seem like much of an actress either. Her skills lay in other areas, y'see, and not much has changed in the past 20 years. Her guest role on Andy Parker was short and slightly painful. Oddly enough, she doesn't look much older now than she did back in the mid-80s.

In case you're curious, since her ill fated porn career Lords has pursued acting, singing and even a little writing and directing. So many talents.

Speaking of Andy Barker, PI, the show's been canceled by NBC after the initial order of 6 episodes. The last two of which are going to be shown back-to-back on Saturday April 14. It was a pretty good show which surprised me. I wasn't expecting very much but Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien's sidekick on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien", seems like a credible and funny actor. Who knew?


kenju said…
I hope her stepfather was properly punished for taking advantage of her at such a young age.
rosemary said…
I liked the Andy Barker show...simple, funny and the supporting characters were well chosen. Darn. Traci Lords...HA...years ago my husband and I had a "discussion" where he said she had died and I said, "No, she is very much alive!" Of course I was are right...she has few acting skills and I haven't heard her sing.
mariamusic said…
I always feel sad when I read a person has been taken advantage of especially if the person is a child or underage or a naive, novel. Those who do that must be quite mean and sick!! The result of their behavior is to put many in jeopardies.
utenzi said…
Ummm. Well, while I can see how Judy would assume it was Ms Lords who was taken advantage this case it just might have been the other way around. I think that's one woman who always manages to get what she wants.
Michael Manning said…
Hi, Utenzi! I know nothing about this woman, but it sounds rather sad. It's always great for me to see actors like Martin Landeau or musicians like Johnny Cash "rediscovered". :)
srp said…
My brother and I saw part of that new show... "Thank God You're Here!" I think it could do fairly well. It is fascinating to see comedians way outside their comfort zone, walking into a skit with no script or any idea what is next.

My favorite was the group skit where Superhero Roach lost his antenna and started screaming... "I can't see! I can't see!" I didn't catch his name but he played the cop boyfriend on "Third Rock From The Sun."
Bob-kat said…
I saw a documentary on her once. I agree with you Utenzi - she masterminded her own career and I must say, that although i have very mixed feelings about her choice of career I admire her determination in pursuing it.
Liz said…
While I think it is wrong to use an underage person in porn, I think you can let yourself off the hook on the child porn aspect. To me there is a big difference between someone who is not quite legal but looks like an adult and someone who has not reached puberty. Child Porn, in my mind, involves the latter.
Carmi said…
I guess the lesson here is that not even an ex-porn star can save a show that, despite its charms, lacks the kind of milquetoast, broad-based appeal that ensures the long-term success of such snoozers as Seventh Heaven and King of Queens.

Thankfully the Internet makes it easier than ever to find content worth watching. TV's devolved into nothing more than an empty wasteland of sameness.
Deana said…
I feel bad. I know exactly who Tracey is but didnt' know she started that young. I am with the commenter above me. I don't consider that child porn.....16 and developed is a whole lot different than an innocent child say of 10. There is a huge difference. Why would any show let her be a guest star?
I had no idea she was that young during her heyday...Have you ever seen a porn star who was a good actress, btw? No one has ever documented that, that I know

Andy Richter has always seemed pretty bland and boring to me...I never understood his great success in the first place...He certainly hasn't had much luck with the shows he has done since Conen...He may be fantastically talented but I haven't seen that side of his work yet....I guess part of it is, he doesn't interest me so I dn't watch the shows he is in. And to have Traci Lords be a guest on any show is kind of asking for failure, I think. I'm sure they thought it was a funny idea at the time...!
used*to*be*me* said…
She did some "acting" on Melrose Place and I didn't think she was much over 18 at that time. I've never seen her other videos, my husband did and said "meh"

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