Saturday colors

I took these pictures at the NC Zoo last Saturday... Pink, Red, and Brown.

First Pink

then Red

and finally Brown


Paul said…
Great shots. Thank you!
Here from Michele's.
PI said…
Hi Utenzi! My favourite one is Brown because he looks so cuddlesome - even in close up. Did you feel nervous?
Excellent pics!
Michele says hi!
Anna said…
These are great. I love the last one. I bet that first one was stinky. I was around some flamingos up close once and I couldn't stand the smell.

Have a good weekend Utenzi!
mariamusic said…
Great photos Utenzi,

I liked the pinks. of course a girl does. :-)

San Diego has a zoo, and I yet have not gone there!! to play with tha animals and so forth. I went to an animal park when I was in Perth/Australia though. the dears followed me almost all the time because I had food. there I go, I had some thing to contribute. ;-)

I'm being silly today.
srp said…
The funny thing about flamingos is that even the real ones look almost fake. With my chronic sinuses I probably wouldn't know they smell if they do.

By the way, I fixed my spelling error although I think you might have to be drunk to even think you could drive in Manhattan..... it was 2AM, even I don't function as well at that hour.
Nikki-ann said…
Great photos. I don't think you'd want to mess with that buffalo! :D I hope you're having a good weekend. Take care.
rosemary said…
Great Pics....interesting mix.....we have buffalo locally on a ranch about 15 miles from our place...they are huge animals and quite rough looking, but the babies like all animal babies are adorable.
kenju said…
The flamingoes are gorgeous! Like the buffalo too. He's so sturdy!
Bob-kat said…
THese pics are great. I especially like the buffalo :)

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