There's still a high wind advisory for today so no kayaking in the morning. Maybe the stormy winds will subside by afternoon. I hope so. It feels weird to be here for 3 days and not to have been paddling on the water.

The task I have for today is to install a new faucet set in my parent's bathroom. First, of course, I have to take out the old set. I looked it over yesterday afternoon and suspect there will be a lot of swearing going on before the day is over. I'm no plumber and while I expect I'll be able to get this job done, it might be more of an adventure than I'd like.

So, that's what I'll be doing once the market opens at 9:30am. I like to check out how my stocks fare at the opening bell before I do anything else. This way I know what my basic outlook on the day should be. Exuberant or depressed, y'know?


rosemary said…
That's it...I've been focused on the wrong thing in the morning....I'm just happy if my feet hold me up for another day....I'm gonna check my retirement plan tomorrow! Hope the faucet project went OK...the last time my husband put in a bathroom faucet he cut his head somehow and invented a few new swear words!

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