Oswald and Danny

SPOILER ALERT: don't read if you haven't see the episode from tonight!

This post concerns the TV show The Amazing Race which here in the US is showing season 11, the All Star edition.

I really liked tonight's episode of The Amazing Race but I bet there's a lot of people pissed off at the Beauty Queens. I actually like them--they have so much enthusiasm for the competitive spirit of the race. In fact, I like all four remaining teams though Charla and Mirna do annoy me frequently. They're often so self-riotious it's quite annoying. And Mirna is always whining!! (oh, I always have to drive)

That said, the team I'd like to see win the most is Danny and Oswald. And they nearly blew it tonight. It's being labeled as karma getting back at you but that's silly. The Beauty Queens (BQs) were the instigators so they're the ones in the hot seat and they finished first. Karma? LOL Personally it's not the BQs that I think are the most underhanded--they're quite honest their desire to win--it's Mirna. That woman is always trying to sabotage the strong teams any way she can. I think she's cute so I try to look past that trait though. ;-)

The BQs did try to pull a fast one at the end of the episode when they approached Eric and Danielle and told them that they'd bribed Danny and Oswald to yield any other team but didn't specify which one. That was quite brazen since they totally asked Oswald and Danny to yield Eric. The BQs aren't very worried about the abilities of Charla and Mirna but they do want Eric knocked out of the race.

BTW, what's up with Danielle and her boobs? They're definitely the best you can buy but why does she always push them out so far? Were they a recent purchase that she's really proud of? They are quite appealing but there is a place for some subtlety! LOL Despite her exhibitionism--or maybe because of it--I like her and Eric too. Their dynamics together aren't great but I hope they stay together. It gives average looking guys something to aspire to. You go, Eric!

So anyway, isn't it freaky that there were two non-elimination legs in a row? I'm very glad it worked out that way since I didn't want to see Oswald and Danny booted out but it was weird.


kenju said…
I haven't been able to see it for 2 weeks, but I agree with you about Mirna and Charla.

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