Monday morning

Both yesterday and today have been very quiet here in SC. The storm that's hitting the Northeast US made my drive down here in the wee hours of Sunday morning quite interesting but while my trip was delayed several times by traffic accidents, nothing untoward happened to me or the cars near me.

The rain from the storm is long gone from this area of the East Coast but unfortunately there's still a lot of wind, and severe enough to force the state to issue Wind Advisories for the lake here and that's keeping me from kayaking.

I don't mind some wind out on the lake but possible 50 mph gusts just aren't anything I want to deal with. I hope to spend some time on the lake Tuesday morning...

I've been working some on a few projects around the house but most of those have hit stumbling blocks. It's almost like some malevolent force doesn't want me to get anything done! Have you ever felt that way about things? LOL


kenju said…
Yes, Dave, I have felt that something was consipiring to keep me from my work - but I take it very seriously.....LOL. If "something" doesn't want me to weed, or plant, or sweep, etc., I listen!!

The wind was horrendous today. I got out of the car at the gas station and was pinned back into it by the force of the wind on the door.
rosemary said…
We have had your weather on the news here in I know it must be pretty scary. Yep, several times I had things planned in town this winter only to have a blizzard visit and I was stuck at home.....then there are the two dives I took in the ditch.
Bob-kat said…
Oh yes! That is just how I feel at the moment, which is not best as I have an exam coming up. It's like someone has stolen my motivation...

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