a little plumbing

Yesterday I tackled a small plumbing project for my parents.

The faucet set you see to the left is about 12 years old and came with the house. My parents wanted to replace it with something a little prettier and they enlisted me to do the work.

I don't have much plumbing experience and had only installed one faucet set before--and that was around 10 years ago--but for some odd reason I had a sense of confidence about this project. LOL

As it turns out, that confidence was ill placed. I spent near 6 hours--albeit some long breaks were contained within that time span--trying to remove the original faucet set. Between corroded metal, frozen screws, improper tools, and an unusual original installation I really got frustrated!

This is what I removed from the sink. At least most of it. I had to tear apart some metal flanging from each knob with visegrips to get at a hidden screw--I couldn't figure out the proper way to get at it--and those metal shards aren't on the towel.

In any case, as you can tell from the towel, all the old faucet set eventually succombed to my efforts. I must admit it was more persistance and determination that accomplished this task. Artistry and skill were markedly absent!

Fortunately the next step was quite a bit easier. In fact installing the new faucet was so straightforward and uncomplicated that afterwards I just couldn't believe I'd done it right. It took less than an hour--and had I been fresh and not sore all over it'd have taken no more than 30 minutes.

This is what the new knobs and faucet look like. Maybe not works of art but a definite improvement over the original equipment.

By the way, my parents have dial-up and that's why the pictures are so small. Uploading pictures is just too painful with such a slow connection.


angela marie said…
Good job on the plumbing work! I hope all the parts went back together just how they should. :)

You didn't have plumber's crack, did you?!?
rosemary said…
Good job....and a much nicer looking faucet and very contemporary. Yep, I know all about dial up...it sucks. My husband has high speed, but the wireless router is still in the box because he has to run wire so I can get into the 21st century. Can't do lots of stuff without walking away from the computer frustrated.
Bob-kat said…
Small jobs often end up turning into large jobs in my experience!

Your perserverence paid off :)
Diane Mandy said…
All of this and you can do plumbing jobs, too? Amazing!
srp said…
The garbage disposal in the sink seemed to die tonight. You could hear a hum but nothing else. I tried to move one of the whatchamacallits but it wouldn't budge. So Dad took a crow bar of sorts and jammed it in there and all around... sort of the bull in the china shop approach... flipped the switch and voila... fixed. Who knew it just needed brute force.

The winds have finally died down today. It is still cool, only in the 50's but is to be in the 70's by Sunday.

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