Happy Hippity Hoppity Easter

Happy Easter out there to all of you who celebrate it.

I'm wimping out today and not following through with my plan to go to the NC Zoo. It's 30 degrees outside now (7:30am) and it's not supposed to really warm up that much for a few hours. The zoo is about 90 minutes away from here and this is the time we'd be leaving to get there when it opens at 9am. Brrrr!

By the way, since putting up the post on Friday about me not being a Christian I've gotten a few supportive Emails from Atheists. While I like the support, I'm just not religious. That includes Atheism. I know Atheists like to say they're not religious but I'm afraid I have to point out to them that Atheism is a religion. At least in the Western sense. To me, any group that uses an article of faith as their foundation ("there is no God") for which there is no definite proof is a religious group. Sorry!

If I was going to be religious I think I'd go with the Greek gods. I think they really nailed things. The Greeks formulated their belief in the gods on the basis of human nature, or so I presume. So the gods were vicarious and subject to passing whims and fancies. To me, that explains how life works and nature affects us far more than a single benevolent deity. A tsunami occurs and that Poseidon getting all pissy, or a hurricane or tornado happens and that's Zeus or maybe Aeolus. The influence of Ares could go a long ways toward explaining the Middle East...


Matthew Didier said…
Now, now, "Athiests" prefer "Secular Humanists" now... :)

I agree however the "Secular Humanism" is a quasi-cult with as much dogma (or antithesis-dogma I suppose) as any other religion.

I once "exploded" at a member of the former CSICOP who wrote an article about secular humanism where he suggested how the world would be a better place if we destroyed all the churches, got rid of all secular art, rid the planet of secular music... so, basically, most of Michaelangelo's work, Bach's work, even much of DaVinci's efforts in the dust bin... because it doesn't jive with a "Secular Humanist" world. Sadly, this wasn't "one man's opinion"... I found this pervasive amongst the secular humanist websites... very closed minded folks... moreso, in many ways, than the theists they oppose.

Your's as a Proud Agnostic -
I wish you a Very Happy Esster, dear Dave, weather you are a Christian or not...May the Esster Bunny bring you lots and lots of Chocolate and a Great Day, whatever you do! (Hope it gets warmer there---soon!)
Liz said…
Atheism as a religion ... interesting ... I have had people argue that my pantheism (or panentheism) is not a belief in god because I am saying that God is the same as the natural world. So these folks would definitely call atheism a religion.
rennratt said…
One of my greatest regrets is not learning about Mythology.

Do you have any recommendations for where I could start?

Other than the stuff I slept through in high school, that is.

Good call on staying home today. It finally began warming up here around 3 pm.

Happy candy hunting tomorrow!
Liz said…
I meant to say in my previous comment that these folks would not call atheism a religion.
utenzi said…
You're quite correct Liz and I knew what you meant but I can't edit comments here in Blogger so I couldn't correct the wording.

It's never too late to read up on a subject Renn and there's plenty of info out there on Mythology. Lots of people like Campbell though I find his treatment a little dry.
Bob-kat said…
I'm with you Utenzi. The way my life goes some days I am convinced that the Greek gods are at work!
netchick said…
I'm right in your camp, Dave. I won't even say "bless you" when people sneeze, because that would sound stupid (in my opinion) coming from someone who isn't Christian. And, although I have definitely been brought up in a religious home, I just can't even wrap my head around it.

So, hope you had a nice spring break weekend! :) ...Wishing mine was four days instead of a short three here.

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