green and blue

I was watching one of those amazing Planet Earth episodes on Discovery Channel last night and they showed a bird on there that looked remarkably like the one below. My picture is of a Fairy Bluebird, a species native to southeast Asia, which I took on Saturday at the NC Zoo. On the BBC program it was identified as one of the many species of Bird of Paradise. They're probably just birds that look similar.

Oops. I forgot to correct the orientation on this fern when I was cropping the picture. Sorry! I took this picture in the same aviary as the picture of the bird above.

Aren't those greens intense? Notice that this one hasn't unfurled in the foreground and all the others around it are grabbing any sunlight they can get. I think it's a very nice thematic contrast. Too bad the picture is lying on its side.


kenju said…
I thought it was some new species of horizontal fern....LOL

The blue of the bird's feathers is gorgeous.
nancy said…
Nice pictures. That bird is so blue. I'm am always amazed by natures colors.

My camera comes today! Woo-Hoo!
Pearl said…
Gorgeous fern! Love how you framed it.

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