Gotta love those biotech stocks

Case in point: Adolor Corporation (ADLR). This is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company that is engaged in the discovery and development of prescription pain management products. Adolor has a number of product candidates in various stages of development, ranging from preclinical studies to pivotal clinical trials. Their main drug candidate, Entereg (alvimopan), selectively blocks the unwanted effects of opioid analgesics on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

That sounds pretty good and that explains why the stock was valued at $25 last Summer. Since there's 46 million shares, at one time this company was valued at over a billion dollars.

Too bad that's just a fond memory now. After 3 price corrections--as can be seen in the graph to the left--the stock is now trading around $3.70 a share which puts Adolor's valuation around $170 million. Ouch!

I bought some shares today just in case Adolor recovers some of it's old pizazz--but this stock might just be a goner. Too bad, with my belly issues, I could use a drug that would mitigate the affects of opiate agonists on the intestines. While I don't take Tylenol #3 for anything now, you never know what the future might bring.

In other biotech news--for those few who have read this far--the stock I mentioned back in late February, Threshold Pharmaceuticals, has finally been moving around a little. I sold off half my holding at $2.18 but I'm holding onto the rest since I think it'll break the $4 mark in the next few months. It peaked today around noon at $2.24 a share which is a 24% increase over yesterday's close. You just can't beat biotech stocks for variability! These things move up and down like a dizzy roller coaster.


srp said…
You must get these spam things in your e-mail. Some of these companies send them to me too. Good luck.
rosemary said…
I was a nurse and know the pharmaceutical lingo, the stock market...ahh, nope. Too many zeros
Bob-kat said…
Those shares do sound like a bumpy ride! I love the fact they warn people over here that the price of shares can go down as well as up! Well, duh!

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