giraffe coming this way

Isn't this critter pretty? I wonder what giraffes think of NC winters? It's got to feel unnatural to them. Today was very sunny and in the high 70s so I'm sure Mr Giraffe was much happier today than last week.

There were two things on my agenda for today. Going to the NC Zoo in Asheboro and picking up a new lawn mower. I only got one of those things done.

As you can probably tell from the picture above, I did make it to the zoo. Ren and I got there late due to someone oversleeping--apparently she had a bad reaction to BSE and just didn't want to wake up--so we got to the zoo, which is an hour drive from where I live, at 10:45am. We stayed until closing at 5pm so we were on our feet continuously for 6 hours. Our aching dogs! My feet were killing me and Ren was feeling the same way. The accumulated sun exposure from the 6 hours also sapped our endurance. Getting old!

This is also why that mower stayed in the store. We just didn't feel like stopping anywhere on the way home.


Jean-Luc Picard said…
Excellent giraffe picture!
There is something about Giraffe's...They are sooooBeautiful and elegant while also looking ungainly--BUT, they aren't! AMAZING Animals....
It sounds like it was a great day, Dave....How did you ever stay on your feet for 6 hours, and in the sunm yet! And yet....One can certainly forget one's feet at the zoo...! (Well, at least for a
kenju said…
Dave, you should have a job like mine, in which I am routinely on my feet for six hours at a time, on concrete, no less.

Love the giraffe photo! I have wanted to go back to the zoo ever since we went before - 12 yrs. ago.
Deana said…
I love the zoo there. I hope to get back down myself this summer. Giraffes are such neat animals. I like Zebras a lot too.

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