broadband is great

I'm back in NC again. I managed to finish most of the tasks that my parents wanted me to do while in SC so that was good. Due to the wind advisories the first few days I was there, I didn't get much kayaking done. I just went out on the lake 3 times and only on Tuesday morning was I able to get in a long paddle--I was out for a bit over 2 hours that time.

I really missed having a broadband Internet connection. My parents have dial-up and it was killing me.

Nothing too interesting on the fix-it stuff except that when I was replacing an outlet in one of the bathrooms I managed to turn off the wrong circuit breaker. Let me tell you, I soon realized my mistake! Those lines carry quite the jolt! I bet my hair stood on end--it felt like my eyes were going to pop. I assure you, I was much more cautious on the subsequent two electrical tasks that followed. *whew*

Speaking of errands, I don't go back to work yet so today is going to be spent getting some chores done around the house. The masterbath is in great need of a thorough scrubbing, I need to bring a few bags of garbage to the landfill, and I need to get some charcoal lighter since the bag of charcoal I have from last year isn't lighting very well. It must have gotten a little damn over the winter. Oh. And that damn lawn really needs mowing bad. Leaving it for nearly a week, especially with all that rain we got here, really has allowed it to grow long.


Bob-kat said…
Ek - you've reminded me that my lawn is looking like a jungle. I've been averting my eyes!
kenju said…
My yard did look like a jungle until it got mowed on Wed.
rosemary said…
Did you get the new mower...I apologize if you posted that you did...but I have D I A L U P...and sometimes it takes so long for blogs to load I turn the computer off. sounds like you had a productive week weather or not.
Deana said…
Welcome back!

My parents still have dial up and I feel so bad for my mother who loves downloading pictures. They say their area should have access to wireless within a year. We are still pretty rural around here.

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