back to work

I returned to work yesterday after taking off 7 days. It's amazing how many things can happen in just over a week! LOL

Fortunately that just makes you feel wanted and needed, doesn't it? Hmmm. Not so much actually--it makes me feel like running away. Fast. Far. Not returning. Ever.

Things are settling down a little bit today and since it's only a partial week I can't do some of the more complicated experiments that I have planned so it's only some IHC (immunohistochemistry) staining this week and a little bit of RNA extraction for some DNA microarrays next week. Maybe I'll get caught up with my accounting this week since I have a little free time. It's very easy to let those invoices slide but if I don't pay the vendors they'll eventually stop sending me supplies...

I wasn't very impressed with the episode of Heroes the other night. After a 5 week hiatus I was expecting something more interesting. I hope that the show isn't sliding downhill!


carli said…
RNA was a Jeopardy answer this week. I got it right, and I imagined that if my mother was watching it with me, she would have been impressed. I am not sciency. . . although, lately, in my mind, I've been pretending to be an entomologist specializing in bees.
Michael Manning said…
Having flown Southwest Airlines, I can actually see a Flight Attendant say this! How funny!
srp said…
And you collected these where?
You are fortunate to be wanted and needed like this... usually when I went away for a couple of weeks, I returned to major disasters. And I want to get back to this?

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