April Showers

Not much happened with me this weekend. I wasn't feeling well on Saturday so I just hung around the house. My only venture out was to go get 5 gallons of gasoline for my mowers. A little while after that I mowed a small segment of my yard with my old mower. I was quite surprised it still worked--but it did. The poor thing is so beat up the wheels are all "bow-legged" due to metal fatigue in the mowing deck.

Friday night I went to Lowe's and Wal-mart to compare lawn mowers. I think I'll get a self propelled model from Lowe's that costs $340 but I haven't actually bought it yet. It'll certainly make things a lot easier on my lower back and probably decrease the time it takes to mow my lawn by around 45 minutes. It currently takes me over 3 hours and I'd really like to drop that down closer to two hours. Mowing a lawn is really great exercise but as I get older I seem to crave exercise that involves lots of sweating in sweltering weather less and less. Odd, huh?

Sunday it rained on and off all day long so no more mowing for me! (I guess that saying about April is right--showers for sure.) Unfortunately that means that I'll be doing the mowing during the week after work. Oh, joy.

I think I'll pick up that self propelled mower Tuesday night but I might put it off until Wednesday. I don't have to work on Friday due to Easter so I'll probably wait until then to put the new mower together and try it out.


Hope you get that mower and are able to cut down the time it takes to do it!
We have had so little rain here this year that they are talking about some form of Water rationing...which will probably be carried out by charging more for water used---They instituted this kind of thing years and years ago when we had another LONG dry spell. But, they never reduced the money amount when things got better...More beaurocratic crap!
rosemary said…
Your mower cunundrum reminds me of an old Steve Martin bit..."I only smoke in the morning, unless I have a smoke mid morning, then I may smoke late mid morning unless I smoke at noon, then I may smoke early afternoon and maybe late afternoon...and on and on. I'd go for a rider. By the time you get around to mowing, the first part will have grown and the lawn will look uneven...go for a rider. Lowe's takes plastic, I know.
kenju said…
We had a self-propelled mower too, Dave. It worked well and in a large area, it is almost necessary (as you are finding out).
utenzi said…
I think you're right Judy.

I like your analogy, Rosemary--it's quite true. However I don't need a riding mower--I already have one. I just don't ever use it. I'd rather hoof it and get some walking done.

Naomi, no watering restrictions here in the past 2 years but part of that is this area is all wells. I seem to remember that some of the surrounding towns have had short lived watering restrictions since I bought my house 4 years ago.
Deana said…
I'm catching back up and must say I was taken by your cat demon post! I find them mysteriously charming....most of them anyway. But I like witchy things.

Good luck with your lawn mower purchase. I had a self propelled in my single days and I couldn't have made it without it. Those things are tough enough as it is.
srp said…
Hellllllllllllppppp! When will the pines finish pollinating? It seems to be going on forever... that bright yellow scum on cars and windows and on the lids of garbage canse... my nose is dying and me along with it. Arrrrrgh! Sneeeeez!
srp said…
I don't know if it ate my comment or not. The pollen has my nose going nuts.. I have a cat recovering from surgery and a dog with lymphoma who just got his grooming.... he has a nodule on his chest again and two weeks to the next chemo.. I hope tis is not a prelude to the end.

If only the pines would get this over with...the incessant yellow scum.

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