Am I rich?

You want to talk about conspicuous consumption? Or at least an attempt to encourage it?

Well, if you do then this offer I was Emailed by Chase Bank under their co-branding is for you.

I like the card since you earn 1% back on all purchases which is paid off in Amazon gift certificates. I can ALWAYS spend money on Amazon! When you buy stuff on Amazon you get a better rate but I can't remember what it is. 2% or 3%, I think.

This ad they sent me makes it sound even sweeter. DOUBLE the point earnings! How can you not like that, I ask you.

Well, when you get to the second paragraph you see that you have to spend more than $450 in a month within one of 5 categories. Hell, I don't like to spend more than $450 a month in ALL categories. I can't imagine spending more than $450 in a month on just groceries, for example, or dining out. *whew* I suppose someone in sales might easily make it in the dining category if they're putting meals on their own card, and a big family can spend a lot on groceries--but going over $450 a month is a huge expense.

What do y'all think? Is $450 a month in just one category a problematic amount to attain? I've probably only managed to get to that amount a few times in the past 4 years.


rosemary said…
Of course I could spend $450 on books alone...and CD's and DVD's....but the question is should I spend $450? The answer is no and my husband would strangle me 450 times over. Actually, I switched to B&N because when I put a book on pre buy at Amazon I get it for the price at pre buy time, where B&N will sell it at the price at time of publication which is always a little less. But, still not $450 at B&N either.
Matthew Didier said…
Yeah, to know, niggling at the back of my mind, that there's $450.00 available for books... it's like being a TINY bit hungry and knowing there's a bowl of hot-buttered popcorn waiting in the kitchen...
Deana said…
That is why it is always smart to read the fine print! That is like many peoples car payment.
MissMeliss said…
I could totally spend $450 on just about anything, monthly, weekly, even daily. Shopping's a favorite recreational activity around here.


Actually doing so, and just being able to? Totally separate things.
Nancy said…
I spend over 450 a month going to the grocery store. No problem. And, should we decide to go out to eat it is usually a hundred bucks. But, we are a family of five if that makes any difference.

Food is a gigantic expense in my house! And, I hate to grocery shop.

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