3 day weekend

A 3 day weekend is upon us and the cold weather that is hitting the area has caused me to change my plans. I was going to put in a bunch of pretty annuals and maybe change out the shrubs in the front of my house. Due to below overnight freezing weather the next few days I've put that on hold. Instead I'm going to go to the NC Zoo and take pictures of the animals. I went there last September during an unusually hot day and now I'd like to see how everything is during a different season and in cool weather.

That cute fellow below is called a Fennec, AKA Desert Fox. I took that picture back in September and look forward to seeing him again.

Tonight I'm going to start a new book. I've been reading several books a week lately but haven't felt like writing any reviews. Just the other night I finished The Two Minute Rule by Robert Crais. I understand it's not one of his better books but I thought it was quite good. I hope to get a few books by him out of the library next week so I can see if his regular series is indeed a lot better. But for right now I'm going to concentrate on a nonfiction book called Collapse by Jared Diamond. I really was impressed with his book Guns, Germs, and Steel so I hope this book is just as illuminating.

What plans do y'all have for the weekend? Anybody doing anything special for Easter? My only plan is to get heavily discounted candy on Monday!


Bob-kat said…
Heavily discounted candy (or chocoalte in my case) On Monday? Now that sound slike a good plan! Just Spring cleaning and revision for me planned but I also intend to have a day out somewhere at some point!

BTW - I agree with you about those stories we come accross, they do seem to be alike adn to tell you the truth I delete most of them. I liked the Daffodil Principle though, as it wasn't over sentimental and came at the right time for me.

I was wondering if you were going to accept your Thinking Blogger award and make your own nominations? I'm intrigued to see who you would pass the award on to :-)
Deana said…
Like you I put off planting anymore flowers until this cold spell passes. I am having all the kids over for an egg hunt on Sunday and the poor things will have to wear their coats!

This is the coolest Easter I remember in a while!

Despite the cool temps I hope you and your fiancee have a wonderful holiday!
Pearl said…
Fox is cute.

Cold weather's back here again too. From jacket-free to snow flurry. Bah.

No particular plans for the weekend, bit of heavy reading, some writing for my Monday class. Probably no Easter chocolates here.
srp said…
Fox is cute, stinky but cute.
You and your candy... Peeps or jelly beans or what specific kind to you like?

I am going to have to cover some things with bubble wrap tonight so they will not freeze.

As for special plans... my brother arrives for a visit tomorrow morning.. he flew to NY from Munich through London on Tuesday and visited friends there. Now he's here for a while, then back to NY for four days of voice lessons with his teacher and then back for Nyssa's 21st birthday. Then back to Vienna. My mom thinks this is very, very special and has all sorts of goodies planned for him.
kenju said…
We are going to our son's home for easter, Dave, along with daughter #2. Daughter #1 has to be with her in-laws this time (we try to share).

I was going to plant some things this week too, but the weather sure brought that up short! Have a good Easter and don't eat too much candy!
Teresa said…
We're having a cold spell too, so planting will be off the table here this weekend. Due to some scheduling things, Easter is cancelled here -- well, Easter will still happen; it's just any special gatherings for the occasion that will be cancelled. I expect it'll be a hectic weekend as usual for us.

Skip the zoo...
mariamusic said…
Have a great Easter.
Oreo said…
Huh, that am funny. Human brofur J am goin to NC zoo for a feeld trip later dis monff!
rennratt said…
I was going to begin planting my (potted plant) garden.

I suppose I will wait a few more days.

Easter will be spent in church, and then we will come home and - well, do what we do every other Sunday. We rarely eat large meals on holidays (3 of us) - so it won't be anything high end. We'll probably end up watching movies or something.

I just finished reading an EXCELLENT book -titled "Sinner - a Novel". It was written by Sharon Carter Rogers.

It's a first novel for the lady, so go in with an open mind. It's not perfect, but there are some things in there that kind of hit you head on. Check it out if you have the time!

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