My parent's Tibetan Terrier died yesterday at the grand age of 13. His death wasn't any surprise since he'd been suffering from heart problems for nearly a year. Congestive heart failure did him in and had been seriously limiting his mobility and quality of life for several months before he died.

Here's a few pictures of the fellow. He loved to wade in the lake behind my parents house and then roll in the leaves. Can you imagine their floors after this mass of fur, dripping water, clay, and leaves everywhere wandered through?

As you might be able to tell in this last picture, Tibbie didn't like to have his picture taken --but he was also too lazy to move unless he was really annoyed-- so I have a lot of pictures of him laying on the floor and giving me looks like this.


I hate when pets die because it's an emotional time even if you think that it's not going to be. I remember when my first cat Daisy died a few years ago, I was sobbing on the phone hysterically to Paul. I never thought that I would be that upset.

Then this last summer Paul's first pet, a cat, named Whiskers died and I never heard Paul sob so loudly let alone cry in my life. That cat was everything to him.

Tibbie is definitely one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen though. I always wanted a dog like that even though their hair was long...there was something in their eyes that drew me to them.
Liz said…
Aw, I'm so sorry. What a cutie.
Nancy said…
I am so sorry. He is so cute!
chase said…
I am so sorry to hear about your lost. I can relate since I lost 3 my of dogs since I left home. I cant manage to take them due to some travel restrictions. And they were still young for like 2 years.
Teresa said…
I'm so sorry! It's hard to lose a pet, I know. Hugs to your parents -- and to you too, of course.
srp said…
Please extend my best wishes to your folks. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. They really aren't "pets', they are family and give us an unconditional love that doesn't depend on our job, or looks, or wit, or power. Even husbands and wives and children don't always love each other that way. It doesn't seem to matter what they track in when they sit beside you and offer that paw.

He really does look annoyed with you.
carli said…
He was really freaking cute. I'm sorry for their loss, but it sounds like he had a pretty nice life.

I found out I'm allergic to dogs this morning. But since I don't have a dog, it doesn't really matter.
MissMeliss said…
Ohh, what a great dog, so sorry for you parents' loss - and yours.

Sorry I've been quiet lately in terms of commenting - have been trying to learn Mac.
rennratt said…
I love this dog.

I am sorry for the loss, but pleased to see that he seemed to be spoiled rotten.
Belizegial said…
Tibbie had a certain look when facing the camera. What a cutie :) I am sure he is now in doggie heaven.
Yaeli said…
What a cutie!
It's always so sad when a pet dies.
They have a knack for becoming one of the family.
At least Tibbie had a great 13 years with your mum and dad!
SassyAssy said…
I am not a doggie person but he sure was a cutie! Looks like he had some personality to him!
Carmi said…
I'll say a little prayer for your parents' sweet dog before I tuck in tonight. Picturephone that he was, he nevertheless photographed beautifully. I wish pets stuck around for longer, because they're so darn good at weaving themselves into our lives.

May his memory always be a blessing to your family
Deana said…
Oh I am so sorry for your parents. He was a beautiful dog and I know personally how hard it is to live without them. We still miss our Lilly so much. They will be in my thoughts!
Bob-kat said…
I'm sorry for your and your parents loss. He looked quite a character!
What a darling dog Dave...I'm so sorry to hear about his passing...It is always difficult even though it was not unexpected...He sure was a beautiful doggie. I love that last picture...So very sweet.

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