Switzerland invades Liechtenstein

They might be two small countries but that doesn't mean that they're not willing to tussle a bit. I read this story about Swiss troops "accidently" crossing over into Liechtenstein this weekend and wondered if this is going to be the new trend in international diplomacy. Hell, the US has been doing it for years. "What, this isn't Kansas?" could be the official line as a few brigades cross the border into Canada.

Think about it. Canada has lots of natural gas, coal, trees, hydroelectric energy and even caribou. If Bush is willing to spend a good part of a trillion dollars (yes, kids, that's trillion with a T: a million millions) getting Iraq, what would Canada be worth? It's a lot prettier in Canada, plenty of energy resources and the residents know English already--though some in Montreal pretend to only know French. It's even a lot easier to get to. Just go north and eventually you'll hit it.

By the way, I'm just kidding about invading Canada. I hope Bush doesn't take it seriously. After all, we US citizens are going to need a country to escape to if the Republicans hold onto the White House. I hope they're willing to take in refugees.

Anyway, here's the Liechtenstein story from the AP:

Swiss Troops Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein

ZURICH, Switzerland —

What began as a routine training exercise almost ended in an embarrassing diplomatic incident after a company of Swiss soldiers got lost at night and marched into neighboring Liechtenstein.

According to Swiss daily Blick, the 170 infantry soldiers from the neutral country wandered more than a mile across an unmarked border into the tiny principality early Thursday before realizing their mistake and turning back.

A spokesman for the Swiss army confirmed the story, but said that there were unlikely to be any serious repercussions for the mistaken invasion.

"We've spoken to the authorities in Liechtenstein and it's not a problem," Daniel Reist told The Associated Press on Friday.

Officials in Liechtenstein also played down the incident.

Interior Ministry spokesman Markus Amman said nobody in Liechtenstein had even noticed the soldiers, who were carrying assault rifles but no ammunition. "It's not like they stormed over here with attack helicopters or something," he said.

Liechtenstein, which has about 34,000 inhabitants and is slightly smaller than Washington, D.C., does not have an army.


SassyAssy said…
I think I would storm the castle and casinos in Monaco! What does Liechtenstein have to offer anyway????
srp said…
Better Liechtenstein than Austria... they don't have much of a sense of humor there. The bigger question... Do you really feel safe with an army that gets lost?

I am ignoring your attempts to push my political buttons....
Teresa said…
This amused me... it sounds as if they could have taken over Liechtenstein even without any ammo. Truthfully, I didn't even realize that Switzerland had an army. I guess I never thought about it....
Diane Mandy said…
FREE Liechtenstein !!!!
Deana said…
I didn't think Switzerland even had an army! Yes we must be nice to our beloved Canadian friends. I may be living there one day as a refugee too!
rosemary said…
So, 170 soldiers with assault rifles without ammo get lost? Maybe their leader should re-think supplies and pack a MAP!
mariamusic said…
"Sh**happens" as some would say Utenzi.

So, they crossed the boarder line by acciedent?

kenju said…
Hey, Dave, we could all go and visit michele! LOL

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