shopping for a camera?

I watched a DVD last night and also saw last night's episode of The Amazing Race. I really liked the movie. I was quite disappointed in the outcome of TAR. More about that later...

I really like my Panasonic DMC-FZ7 camera. I bought it a year ago soon after it was introduced. As you can probably guess by that time span, Panasonic is now releasing the update, the Lumix DMC-FZ8. This means that there's clearance sales around on the FZ7 and if you're in the market for a good 12X zoom digital camera --and don't want an SLR-- this is a great buy. There's one site I found ( that has it priced at $230. Hell, the lens is worth more than that!

And isn't it pretty? I like the way the SLRs look more but there's a couple of features of SLRs that I dislike enough to keep me from buying one. First, I don't like having to open the camera up, and possibly letting dust in, while changing lens and secondly, I really like having a live preview on the back of the camera. Since I wear glasses, having to put my eye up to the viewfinder is really annoying. So, no SLR for me!

The DVD I watched was Just like Heaven and I really liked it a lot. It's not for everyone since it's quite solidly in the chick flick category but if you like light romantic movies this one might suit you well. The plot outline, according to IMD is: A lonely landscape architect (Ruffalo) falls for the spirit of a beautiful woman (Witherspoon) who used to live in his new apartment. Both actors did a very good job and I felt connected to both their characters despite their flaws and Donal Logue and Dina Spybey provided able supporting roles. The ending was a little forced but it left me wanting more which is about all you can ask of this type of movie.

Unfortunately I watched The Amazing Race afterwards and that killed the nice romantic aura left by the DVD. Rob and Amber, the team I like most, were having, as Amber described it, "A bad leg" and it certainly was that. Despite winning the first 3 legs of the race, here in the 4th leg they just couldn't catch a break. In the end they were locked in last place with the team I dislike the most, Charla and Mirna, and in some Twilight Zone moment Rob and Amber lost the footrace at the end.

I'm sure many people are cheering at that outcome since Rob was quite unpopular but I liked his brash self confidence and brusque humor. Hell, Uchenna--one of the nicest people to ever be in the race--was helping Charla over the line so it was obvious he approved of Rob losing. For anyone not familiar with the show, a few seasons back Uchenna and his wife Joyce narrowly beat out Rob and Amber to win the 7th Season of TAR in a very emotional victory.


carli said…
I don't like Rob and Amber.
But I STILL say the 7th season was fixed so they wouldn't win.
utenzi said…
Interesting, Carli. That might explain last night also. Charla is quite slow--it's hard to believe that Rob & Amber weren't able to catch up to her while crossing the island on foot.
srp said…
I have never watched TAR so it doesn't make me angry or anything. Right now I am so sleepy my eyelids are propped open with toothpicks. That is shat I get for getting 3 hours of sleep the last two nights.

I think they have an adapter for the eyepiece that has a right angle so you don't have to get on the ground. I too miss that feature although mine shows the picture on the back just as soon its taken.
kenju said…
I have only seen a few episodes of TAR, but I did see last night, and I know Rob and Amber from Survivor. My thought was that Rob may be finally getting his due. I hate that he is turning Amber into someone who doesn't mind lying and causing others to lose ground.
Teresa said…
There was NO footrace at the end. They just made it look like it was. Had they found their letter soon after Charla and Mirna left, they'd have been hurrying. Editing annoys me so much on this show -- but I still watch!
Noi Rocker said…
What??!! Rob and Amber are out? The annoying cousins are still in?? Man!

I miss yesterday's episode and was going to watch the repeat telecast later:(
utenzi said…
Judy, I admit that Rob might be the Devil or something but he's a very entertaining one.

Teresa, yeah--I'm sure you're right about that.

Noi, I'm afraid that was how it turned out. Damn it all.
SassyAssy said…
Will definitely check out the camera...I have a small collection.

I really enjoyed Just Like Heaven. Very funny and romantic.

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