Saturday and Springtime

This morning Ren and I went to the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, just off of the NC State campus. While it's a bit early in Spring for a lot of the flora to be really pretty, there's still plenty there to take pictures of--and I did just that. I think the tree below is called a Carolina Silverbell. It's very pretty.

I like the purity of the white and the innocent look of the bell shape. Reminds me of Lilies of the Valley, one of my favorite shade plants. I don't have any shade at all at my house--and I'm a bit far south anyway--so I can't grow Lily of the Valley. Shame, huh?

I really like the exotic look of "hairy" trunked palms and I took a few pictures of this one trying to get something I could put on my laptop at work. I don't think any of the 4 pictures I took will work but this one is kinda interesting. Nice green fronds and a good view of the trunk.


kenju said…
Dave, I like the little bell flowers, but I don't know what they are. Do you?
srp said…
Judy beat me to the question.
What ARE they? I spent all that time at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and I didn't take the time to write down what the plants were labeled. So now I am sitting here with a huge plant book trying to figure them out.
"I am a bear of very little brain." ~ Pooh
utenzi said…
I don't know, actually. Many of the pictures I took included the sign identifying the plant--but I didn't do that with the pictures I took of that tree. I'm pretty sure it was in the section oriented towards NC native species tho.
Beautiful white "bells"...Such a delicate shape and so abundant, too! Spring is really SPRINING there, isn't it? WOW!
Sue said…
I love your photos! They are beautiful! I wanted to welcome you as well as our guest on One Old Green bus this week. We'll be doing a write up of your fantastic blog shortly. I would also like to ask if we can exchange permanent links?

Cheers From Toronto!
Michelle said…
Hey Dave, i have those palm trees in my garden, very common!
Ivy said…
I absolutely love the first picture! Its beautiful!!
Deana said…
I like all the purity in the white too...makes for a fabulous shot.
SassyAssy said…
How lovely! I envy you the time you have to stroll about and take such gorgeous pics! I like the hairy tree 2.

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