politics and cats

For some reason the Bush Administration is making me edgier than usual today so I'm posting about this picture of a kitten as my way to avoid pissing people off by ranting about treasonous behavior and dereliction of duty.

Isn't it a cute kitten? My girlfriend's youngest son brought the little tyke home one day. He'd found it out behind a gas station all dirty and starved looking. Not long after that he became Mom's cat--otherwise he'd have been all dirty and hungry once again, just in a different location. LOL

I took this picture because I'd never seen a cat eat a sandwich before. The novelty of the action was enough to get me to go retrieve a camera to take a picture instead of the more logical activity of tossing the damn cat out the door. It's amazing how far a little cute fur can get you in this world. Maybe if Bush had fur I'd appreciate him more.

Of course he'd still not be cute--he always reminds me of a leprechaun that just got away with some nasty trick on humankind. And when you think about it, that's not such a stretch....

Yesterday was a long day. I didn't get out of the lab until after 7pm due to a migration assay. It takes a long time 'cause after you set up the cells you have to give them enough time to grow out a ways, in this case 6 hours, and then you wash them a while and stain them. Fun stuff but it takes a while. Today should be a lot more pleasant since I'm just finishing up a proliferation assay and also collecting the data from the migration assay. It all should take less than 5 hours! I do love a short Friday.


Teresa said…
Cats eating sandwiches gets old really fast. Oliver used to just grab it and run, but Annie feels it's his due. He'll climb right on the plate if you don't stop him. The good thing is that he doesn't eat much! ;-)

A long day is good for you, Dave. But by no means do I begrudge you a short Friday! I actually already completed a short Friday -- and usually Friday's are long. Something must be misaligned in the world....
Bob-kat said…
If Bush had fur then he would remind me even more of a chimp!

That kitten needs to be taught some manners! I can leave things on the side and my cat won't think of touching them, in fact he doesn't get up on the sides!
Noi said…
This cat is so cute!!! cats eat anything when they are hungry unless they are those pampered house cats who get to choose what they eat because their owners love them so much.

I totally agree with Bush being more well liked if he had fur:p
No_Newz said…
Awwwww!! Cute kitty! My cat Chip also loves a good sandwich. And your right, Bush couldn't be cute even covered in baby seal fur. Hate him!
Anjoy your early day and have a great weekend!
Becky68 said…
Very cute kitten, I'd rather look at him than Bush any day, I can't stand him either, I understand though, why you don't want to write about him here. If you did you'd probably end up with all kinds of hateful comments. Of course you may still, after all you moderate your comments so you could just not allow the differing ones through!
Anyway, I'm with you on the Bush = irritation thing.
Here from Micheles today
Jennifer said…
Awwwwwwwww.....the kitten's adorable :) And I love your ram clock. I didn't know ClockLink had that...I might have to go visit them again :)
Here from Michele's...hoping you're enjoying your weekend! :)
rosemary said…
Our cats are just as obvious...no use trying to teach a cat to stay off the table or counter because as soon as you leave, guess where they are? Right now, I'd vote for Pee Wee Herman if he was running for president....that is a good pic of GW however...green is his color...as well as yellow and black.
Surcie said…
I'm so glad I came here to see the sandwich-eating cat! Does he enjoy chips, too? And a twinkie?

Dude, thanks for the comment on my post. You're so right. And the lack of daddy guilt completely baffles me.
panthergirl said…
If I posted a picture of a kitten every time Bush pissed me off, I'd have to change the name of my blog to The Cat's Breakfast. ;)

Here via michele today, Dave!
Carolyn said…
The kitten is adorable! I think food must taste better to cats & dogs if it's stolen, lol!

Here from Michele's :)
srp said…
You are the picture of restraint.
Thank you.

PS: Kittens and cats make great pictures. Clover is the image of Bucky in Get Fuzzy. A good many of her mood pictures could be used in that cartoon without any touch up. I feel certain that when they make the live film of said cartoon, she will get the part.
rashbre said…
So maybe Bush is a sandwich short of a picnic and this is the cat that got the sandwich.

Here today via Michele's! Hiya!

kenju said…
Dave, for someone who doesn't care for cats, you're posting a lot of them....LOL (I'm glad)!

I saw a great bumper sticker yesterday:

Frodo failed. Bush has the ring.
Shephard said…
Always good to hear another kitten has found a home. Great shot.
Yaeli said…
Cute cat!!! I'm not a cat person though so you can keep him. :o)
utenzi said…
Judy, I've seen that bumpersticker also and I love it. The evil one won, dammit.
Jean-Luc Picard said…
You have a cute cat!

Michele sent me here.
Yes, your kitten definitely took my mind off my stupid house... for a few minutes anyway. Maybe that's what I need... a pet!
Anonymous said…
What an adorable kitten! And how silly do I feel for staring at the photo for a full minute with a grin on my face? Behold the awesome power of kitten cuteness.

Ari (Baking and Books)
Deana said…
If Bush had fur then he really would be an ass. I am still waiting for him and Cheney to stand trial for crimes against humanity or at least impeached!
Love the kitten picture. How sweet it is trying to eat that sandwich. Oh I miss having a kitten around.

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