Of signs and airplants

My girlfriend and I were out walking the other day. We started at the NC Museum of Art, off of Blue Ridge Highway, not far from Meredith College and Rex Hospital. We ended up at the edge of Umstead State Park. Just before we got to Umstead, while on NC State University land we saw this sign:

Now, do tell. Does this make any sense to you?

I mean the "no dogs allowed" part I can understand but "trespassed from the forest" just strikes me as a mite bizarre. I'm not sure what it would entail to be "trespassed" but I doubt it'd be pleasant. And why would some NC State official do that to us? Are they nervous about their imminent basketball loss?

And if I do this dog thing a second time, I'll be physically arrested? What other kind is there? Can one be metaphysically arrested? "My spirit and mind were incarcerated --it was a bad trip" How about metaphorically arrested? "I was like... arrested, man"

Do you get the impression these signs were made by someone to whom English was not even a second language? Scary that these are on University land. I'd like to know just what they're teaching at NC State!

The picture below was taken a couple of miles from the sign above. We didn't have a dog with us so we weren't trespassed from the forest. *whew* In any case I was quite surprised to see such good examples of air plants (Bromeliad family) here in this area. Down on the coastal areas of NC, SC, and GA you see huge masses of Spanish Moss and other epiphytes but here in the Raleigh area they're much less common.

The ones on this branch were the largest I found, but there were hundreds of smaller ones on a dozen or so trees in that immediate area. Odd but pretty.


David said…
if you look on the back of the sign
( and it is a sign of our doom) it most likely says, .....
pausing for effect....
say it with me now,
"Made in China"

from a made in the USA ( they told me) mountain boy
David said…
it is a simple slip'o the typesetter,
"trespassers will be violated from the forest"
love the Bromeliad pic
yellojkt said…
What a beautiful air plant. I grew up in Florida where we would rake up spanish moss into piles and jump into it like leaves.

Those signs that sa "Trespassers will be violated" make parts of me pucker up.

Michele sent me.
Chelle A. said…
You should send a photo of that sign to Jay Leno! :)

Michele sent me!

Chelle (hoping you weren't violated from the forest, physically or otherwise).
LOL! Physically arrested? Isn't that same as saying, "what a cute little baby?"

Aren't all babies little? *grin*

And what a strange air plant. It's a good thing you told me what it was because I would have simply pointed and said, "Look at that fuzzy-looking thing on that branch over there." lol

Hope your weekend is going well! Michele sent me.
Vid Digger said…
Maybe NC State hired a foreign exchange student to create that sign. If not, we're in trouble!

Hi, Michele sent me!

Been to your blog before, utenzi. Nice to see ya still blogging!
Yaeli said…
Maybe they meant to say evicted?

Note to all councils and government departments, employ someone who speaks english to write your signs!
tiff said…
It's....incomprehensible. Nouns being made into verbs - my head hurts.

The gerund is offended by this turn of events.
Deana said…
That is not a sign you'd expect to see on a university's property.

Great pictures as always!
srp said…
Trespasser might be removed from the forest. That makes no sense at all. Who knows. Just as long as you didn't have a dog, I guess.

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