New Cow Theory or Someone Like You

I watched a DVD tonight that I liked a lot. It was a chick flick, no doubt. Romantic in a slightly troubled way but in the end the girl got the right guy and it ended with a GREAT song.

The movie, Someone Like You, centers on the trials and tribulations--of the romantic variety--of Jane Goodale who was played extremely capably by Ashley Judd.

Goodale is a serial amour-addict, if you'll allow me the latitude of coining that awkward phrase. She adores men when she's in a relationship, and hates them when things fall apart. And Greg Kinnear's role of Ray Brown is what puts her on that roller coaster for this movie. When things end badly, as you knew they would, words like cynical and deconstruct get tossed around--but ultimately Goodale buys into the theory that human men are like bulls. They just don't like to play with the same cow for very long. She calls this her "new cow theory."

"If this theory is wrong, Eddie, then men don't leave all women--they leave me" is the heart wrenching line that leads into the serious part of the movie, and the best part. The Eddie mentioned there is played by Hugh Jackman and he's quite a treat for the ladies. There's one scene in which he's not wearing a shirt that had me mentally saying "holy shit" and that was when Ashley Judd was next to him wearing only a little more. Speaking of Judd's cheerleader scene, she's reminding me more and more of Annette Benning and in my mind that's quite a compliment.

This is a very interesting movie for analyzing how men and women interact with one another and also observe one another and reach decisions based on little more than whims. Like I said, chick flick--but some guys will like it too. Remember: Ashley Judd wearing very little. It's well worth watching! LOL Oh, and that great song? Van Morrison's Someone Like You, of course. That's one great song and it works well with this movie. But I must admit I didn't quite buy the ending.

What'd you think? The movie came out in 2001 so I'm probably the last person to have seen it.


kenju said…
No, I haven't seen it either - but now I will!
carli said…
Never saw it, but it could be one of those mindless movies I like to watch sometimes. Then again, Ashley Judd sometimes bugs me.

I love Greg Kinnear. I love him even more since finding out that his two favorite movies are two of mine: The Apartment and It's a Wonderful Life. I think his character in As Good As It Gets is my favorite James L. Brooks character ever.

Tonight I watched Don't Drink the Water, an absolutely stupid movie written by Woody Allen, from 1969.
Cravey said…
I always liked this movie. It comes on TNT or something fairly often, and I almost always tune in for a bit. It just makes me laugh. Ellen whats-her-name's character always makes me cringe - but in a funny way.

Glad you liked it !
SassyAssy said…
This is one of my favorite movies...and Hugh Jackman *sigh* I could look and listen to him all night.

You amaze me with your wide range of tastes Utenzi!
MissMeliss said…
I actually read the book this movie is based on (Animal Husbandry) before ever seeing the movie. The book lacks Hugh Jackman, but has a few more plot and character elements.

Still, I do recall enjoying the movie. It is a total chick-flick. Fuzzy either refused to watch it, or squirmed through it (but then, he does that with almost anything that doesn't have lasers).
srp said…
I saw this on TV, or rather parts of it. It reminds me of "How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend in Ten Days" or something like that. I would give it a passing grade.
Bob-kat said…
I never heard of this film but Hugh Jackman with his shirt off is quite an incentive! However, I have an essay to finish first!....

I watched The break-Up the other day adn quite enjoyed it though I didn't find it the hilarious comedy it is portrayed to be. In fact I found it quite poignant. It has Jennifer Aniston in it walking down a hall naked so it should keep the guys interested!
Nikki-ann said…
Nope, you're not the last person to see it... I've not seen it yet! What with Hugh Jackman appearing with his shirt off, I think I'll have to see it now! :D
rosemary said…
I have seen it...actually I liked Greg Kinear and Ellen Barkin in it...Kinear was the epitomy of a jerk, and Ellen's character Miss psychobabble herself!

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