Mostly Alive

Long time, no hear. I've been living in a vacuum of sorts this week. Some lingering last minute experiments but mostly I've been running numbers from my data into graphics programs for an article we're submitting this week. Most of the graphics aren't too bad but figure 5 has been giving me fits! I can start it off in Prism (graphing software for science research) but for a variety of reasons Prism can only do the framework of the graph I need so then it goes to Illustrator for additional boxes, titles, and legends--and then off to Photoshop for some coloring.

And of course every time my boss needs a serious change then I have to scrap everything and start over again because the data aspects are only editable in Prism so the Illustrator and Photoshop work just gets trashed. I might be drinking some alcohol this weekend! Because there's been a lot of changes requested--but only one at at time. LOL I hate figure 5!

My mower is in really bad shape so I'm going to start off the grass season with a new one, I think. I'll wander to Lowe's and Wal-mart after work tomorrow and check out the prices. I can get my current mower through maybe one more year but the metal sides of the mower that the wheels attach to is almost shot--and once that goes then the blade will just be laying on the ground. Yep. New mower time. Now I have to decide if I go to self-propelled or stay with the Dave-propelled type.

Over to the left is an old version of the first panel of Figure 5. It comes from data that a Pathologist (like Roxanne) generates for us from slides that I've done IHC on. This particular graphic has been through Prism, which gives me the axis and bars, and then Illustrator where I add the legend(s) and some of the titles and other info. After this I move to Photoshop to match the legend to the actual bars. Fun, fun, fun!


srp said…
Seems like I remember a program for laboratory quality assurance that did graphing called "Crystal"? Those were some really awesome graphs.. I love programs that will graph from spreadsheets. I did all mine with Excel and its graphs.

My dad has his mower in the shop now. If they don't fix it soon we might not find the birdbath.
Pearl said…
Check out what Jill says of mowers, Dave

How awkward to have to use a few tools to do one graphics job.
Nancy said…
I hope you get the graphic figured out.

And, as a power equipment owner I would like to suggest you check out your locally owned dealer. Small dealers HAVE to sell at the same MSRP at the Lowes and Home Depots. But, you get same price with better service. And, if you have a warranty problem they are going to send you to a small dealer, anyway. Just my .02.
Yaeli said…
Sounds like you've been working too hard this week Dave. I prescribe a weekend at home with a good bottle of wine, nice food and top movies!
Next time tell your boss that all changes need to be made at once to avoid damage to office morale and wasting your time!
Matthew Didier said…
I dare you to submit the article and at the closing add, But of course, then I woke up.
Bob-kat said…
I've been in a vacuum myself for the past week, writing my essay (the ones that the theives stole all my notes and books for).

Glad you are back now though you have reminded me that my grass needs mowing too!

BTW - if you pop over to my blog then I hope you will find a pleasant surprise for you.
Anna said…

You werent nominated for that award...YOU WON ONE! How fun....I am so glad that you got one too! I love your both your blogs but I fancy the know me!

Have a good weekend and I will see you soon on Outdoor Pictures!
kenju said…
Dave, do what mr. kenju does - hire it done! We have a perfectly good mower, but it hasn't been used in 10 years or more (probab;y wouldn't start now anyway).

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