a heart, mints, and a cat

Nothing too serious today. Just a couple of pictures I took this weekend.

This first one is a heart that I made out of peppermints while laying in bed bored. My girlfriend was on the computer playing some silly game. So, I--left alone with chocolate--just did what came naturally. I played with it.

I hadn't been eating chocolate for most of February due to that diet restriction I was on and so the bargain candy I bought after St Valentine's Day was languishing in a drawer. This was the first bag I attacked. Chocolate!

But I did pause long enough to make pretty shapes with the mints---the shiny red foil was too gosh durn pretty not to play with--before stripping those covers off and eating them. :-)

Here's a picture of a black... cat. Ha! I bet you thought I'd use some other word but you're wrong! (I did think the other word tho)

It's a boy and the most recent adoptee by my girlfriend. He's something like 5 years old and the people that used to own him (assuming that people own cats--an assumption few cats would agree with) had to toss him out due to one of their kids becoming very allergic to the fellow.

Kid or cat? Cat or kid? Tough choice, huh? The cat's pretty good, as cats go--I've not seen the kid so I don't know if they chose right or not.

I just finished watching the DVD of The Devil Wears Prada. It was very different in tone from the book but it was still quite enjoyable. I was expecting to not like it since it'd have been difficult to provide in the movie what the book delivered--but they were smart. They didn't try to copy the elements that just wouldn't come off the page, and so on a movie level it worked just fine.

One thing that annoyed me tho is that the assistant was being judged as this "ugly duckling" when she's beautiful. I hate when they cast extremely good looking people to play plain or ugly people. It just makes it all seem to surreal.


Teresa said…
"Too" surreal.

That's a pretty cat... I'd have adopted it too. (I hate admitting that!)

I'd have played a game on the computer rather watch you play with candy... On the other hand, I'd not have wanted someone watch me play with my candy, so I guess you lucked out there! Not that I actually play with my candy... but I do have some rules for eating chocolate. Maybe I'll share that info some day. ;-)
srp said…
You are right.. we don't really OWN cats, they OWN us. I really do think you would like Mr. Rhett. He is quite attentive, perhaps a little more so to women than men, but he loves to nap with my dad. On second thought, your girlfriend would fall head over heels for him and I'm afraid you couldn't compete very well with him, so I'll just keep him. (this is gleaned from other ladies who have fallen under his spell)

If Nyssa's plans fall together as she would like, she will be heading back to the state of her birth... Oklahoma. There to do graduate work in meteorology, as they have the best program in the country. We will see. That is fine though. Her first year was in Tennessee at Sewanee and I expect her to fly away. Let's see, I went to college in Oklahoma when my parents lived in Pennsylvania... then they moved to Delaware. We've done the nest thing gradually so it's ok.
srp said…
Besides with all the animals here... how could one feel like one had an empty nest.
rosemary said…
Nothing sweeter than a kitty sleeping....and having chocolates nearby...good combo. I liked the DWP...movie and book but I agree...Ann Hathaway can't be dumpy/homely or anything other than lovely.
chase said…
that's cute but can I relieve you with that chocolates lol! I am also on a diet so no sweets for me. Ahhh such a cute cat. I always like to watch black cats!
kenju said…
Dave, did you eat ALL those chocolates?

Pretty kitty. He'd make a good companion for my two black girls.
utenzi said…
Not quite, Judy. It was a 15 ounce bag and there's about 3 ounces left--I've not touched them since Sunday. My girlfriend had a handful and the rest I ate--except those last few ounces.
Yaeli said…
How did your tumy feel after eating all that chocolate??
I would have adopted that cat too... I don't like cats but they don't answer back like kids do.:o)
SassyAssy said…
You must have some excellent self-control to be able to create pretty tableaux with chocolates and then photograph them! I would have been too busy savoring each bite.

BTW--thanks for the encouragement. I wish I agreed, but it is a man-desert here in the middle of Hellsville USA. I was rather quiet about the negative on Joseph because I kept hoping that I was over-reacting. Instead I am left saddened by a man who does not know if he can truly appreciate and love "Total Package", a great person who gave him the most normal dating experiences he has ever had (to quote him). Manspeak for "Sassy you are a big loser again in the dating/romance/love game". Dammit!
utenzi said…
That is crappy news, Sassy. I thought you had found a guy that was going to be "the one."

Yaeli, I have an almost unlimited ability to eat chocolate. A 15 ounce bag is nothing--however peppermints aren't my favorite and I only buy them for occasional snacking.
Melody said…
Did you leave any of those peppermint chocolates for me? Or your girlfriend for that matter? Yum.

I'm here via Michele today. Have a terrific weekend.
utenzi said…
Hmmm. Maybe an arrangement could be made, Melody.
Bob-kat said…
I love the picture of the cat. He looks gorgeous!

I quite liked that film too - and that was exactly the same thing that annoyed me. There was no way she was ugly or even plain!

Michele sent me this time.
Carmi said…
You're so right about the ugly-casting thing. Rachel Leigh Cook in She's All That is a perfect example. She's drop dead gorgeous, but they pretended she was a hideous loser for the first 80% of the film. America Ferrera in Ugly Betty is another one.

I guess casting directors are afraid of casting true ugliness. How sad.

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