flowers in Spring

Sure, it's still Winter here. But it's 52 outside and the Winter's been a mild one. Even in my exposed location here, the bulbs are starting to pop up. Soon I'll have blooms to take pictures of and that'll keep me out of trouble for a few days.

I took this picture last Spring over at Sarah Duke Gardens on the campus of Duke University. I hope to go back there in the next week or so since I suspect their bulbs are coming up early this year.

Between the mild Winter and the early arrival of Daylight Savings Time (3 weeks earlier than usual this year), March is going to be very confusing on us humans. Of course plants just care about temperature and light levels so they won't realize anything has changed. How would you like to have such a simple outlook on life?

A little later I'm going to make a few batches of muffins. I've not made any since late in January so it'll be nice to have the house filled with smells of baking quickbread--not to mention eating those delectable muffins smeared with loads of butter.

And speaking of beautiful flowers, Anna posted one of the best flower pictures I've seen on her photo blog the other day. Go take a look!


srp said…
I heard something about a patch to make your computer automatically switch to DST. The electric company has had to go around to all the houses that use the special electric rationing service and switch the program. I guess we will go to the summer schedule of peak and off peak hours earlier as well. Or maybe it is just to make sure the meter doesn't cut it off early or start it early.
PI said…
They at lovely photos. Flower ones are quite difficult I find. Our camellias are out and the magnolias in bud. If the winds keep up the lawn will be covered with petals.
rennratt said…
The daffodils in my yard are already beginning to bloom.

I spent the weekend cleaning up the yard (from Friday's storm) - and hanging clothes on the line.

I know this has been a really mild winter, but I can NOT wait for spring. Granted, I will go deaf and lose my voice (yay for Chachi!) from allergies, but I LOVE springtime anyway!
Nikki-ann said…
That's a lovely photo :) We've got some daffodils just opening up now. I can't wait until spring is in full flow.
rosemary said…
Flowers, bulbs....hum I seem to remember what they are....I'd be happy to see a weed sprouting right now.
nancy said…
I am so excited for more light during the day. And, I would love to be flower. Things would be so much easier. Nice picture!
SassyAssy said…
I think I need to hire you to teach me your photo techniques. You really do take some amazing photos. I have camera envy!
Deana said…
I am ready for some flowers. I went to visit the site you linked. That really was a great flower picture. Very nice. I like yours too.

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