I've been on this no animal parts or pieces diet for 5 days now. It's not as easy as I was expecting. Just on Sunday I had at least 5 incidents when I couldn't eat something that hadn't initially occurred to me as being forbidden. The worst was when I was going to eat some malted milk balls--but the name gave away the problem there--but that led me to the obvious thought that MILK CHOCOLATE was also not on my menu for February. That was an ugly thought. VERY ugly. Not long after that I gave a bag of cheese puffs to my girlfriend to take home with her because I knew it would start calling my name from the cabinet.

Those were all obvious foods not to eat that hadn't occurred to me. Less obvious was pancakes. I was thinking they were like pasta, flour and baking soda. Nuh-uh. They have eggs in them. Dammit.

At the moment I'm not eating fish or honey either but those are up for review soon. I suspect I'll be having dreams about tuna fish sandwiches soon.

Overnight on Saturday I soaked some black beans I had on hand and the next day my girlfriend made some Hoppin' John with them. Hoppin' John, if you're not familiar with it, is made with beans or peas--usually black eyed peas--and rice with onions, and in this instance lots of diced tomatoes with some hot pepper tossed in. I was hungry enough to eat one bowl but even today I'm suffering some aftereffects from it. I don't handle spicy peppers very well. I can see why they had the word hoppin' in the name of the recipe! I gave Ren the rest of the batch to take home with her. She liked it a lot more than I did. Maybe I won't last until the end of the month with this vegetarian gig. The only thing I've liked so far is pasta and I've almost gone through a 2 lb box just in the past 3 days.

How about those Superbowl commercials? There were a few that I thought started off pretty good but most of those didn't end well--and I think there was only one commercial that I liked all the way through. That was the one from CareerBuilder that started with the pen-darts hitting the coffee cups and led into a mad dash escape from being pulled into a training seminar. Careerbuilder had two more ads but I didn't like them as much. Live the Flavor was popular but I didn't like the girl tripping at the end. I was fine with the guy being distracted and crashing the car, but leave the girl alone! LOL That commercial did earn points for being original and grabbing my attention. It was also filmed in Cary / Raleigh NC just a few miles from here.

The game itself was funny in the first quarter with all the turnovers though I suppose serious fans would not have been amused. And that kick return for 92 yards and a TD was great. Too bad the Bears didn't have much left in the tank after that, huh?

I almost forgot the Axe Murderer ad for Bud Lite. I liked that one also.

Woman: "Are you sure you want to stop for him?"
Man: "He has Bud Lite"
Woman: "Honey, but he has an axe"

Sure, the beer tastes like piss but so long as they can keep the good tv ads coming...


Pearl said…
It's sort of like breaking a baby toe isn't it? You neer knew how much use it was getting... :) But much less painful.

You noticed: and ?
MissMeliss said…
Hello. Have changed address in blogroll back to original (thanks for the tip)....maybe I should have just added a second link?

I didn't watch the superbowl, opting instead to go to my improv workshop - just not that into football (I like hockey, though) and we NEED the practice.

We sort of watched the 3rd quarter at dinner, though, since Friday's (the only place near our theatre that was open) had it on, and no music to drown it out.
GPV said…
Can't be all that bad, as long as you can have beer, no fish in beer,
maybe a few bacterias though.
Well, it sounds like some hard business you're having with food.
How long do you have to keep to vegies?
Luck to you ut.
Teresa said…
Just about everything I've eaten in the past few days aren't on your diet, Dave. The apple and the walnuts made the cut, but just about everything else was contaminated with meat or dairy. You might need to rethink this...

Adding seafood might help, but you have to remember that mayonnaise is made with eggs, so those tuna sandwiches would be kind of dry....

As for commercials, the first one that struck me was the "mouse" commercial, though I couldn't help thinking that animal-cruelty charges would be pending. A few I needed to have explained to me, like the one where the robot was fired for not living up to quality control standards. I liked the coke machine one where they put the money in and you see a whole process of getting the coke out of the machine -- it was tedius, but it was cute. I agree about the ax-Bud commercial though as well as it's taste. (I'm not much of a beer drinker to start with)
utenzi said…
I forgot about the QC robot commercial. I really liked that one until the frickin' end of the commercial when it turned out to be a dream. People--when things turn out to be just a dream people feel cheated. Stop doing that!

Another example of a commercial I liked except for how it ended. That robot was cute.
kenju said…
Don't you be dissing light beer, Dave.....LOL

I don't know how you can consider that diet. I'd be climbing the walls!
NAncy said…
You have a lot of willpower to stay the course w. eating. Have you given into to tofu yet?

Are you feeling better?
Cravey said…
Was No-one but me amused by the guinea pig squishing the mouse and talking about getting on the internet? I loved that.. and the mouse was Bobcat Golthwait.. Can't go wrong there..
srp said…
Just a dream.... remember the Dallas series... Bobby dies at the end of one season... they do a whole season without him and at the end of that year, it turns out that the entire year of episodes was a dream? That was the last time I watched that show.

I must look at a box of pasta... thought for sure there were egg whites or something in dairy in them... perhaps not.

There are always the vege burgers... yuck!

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