TV, Pollan, and a movie

I finished reading a 3 book series by Gordon Dickson, a SF writer, earlier tonight and then immediately started reading Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire, the book he wrote prior to The Omnivore's Dilemma. So far the Pollan is interesting but his conflation of how evolution works can be quite irritating. In Omnivore's Dilemma he had some literary reasons for making that error but in this book that reason doesn't exist. It's starting to appear that he's a mite confused on the mechanics of how evolution works. He does have the Darwinian aspects correct, at least.

I took a break from the books to watch some television and a movie that I borrowed from the library. The television was The Class (good but a little flat compared to other episodes), How I Met Your Mother (pretty bad), and Heroes (an addictive show--with a surprise ending, as usual). Before I watched those shows I started to watch a DVD, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby but only got about 40 minutes into it before giving up. I don't think I'd heard a bad thing about the movie from anyone but let me tell you--I thought it sucked. It was so bad that I just couldn't watch any more of it. I got to the point where he was in the hospital after thinking he was on fire and just gave up. To that point nothing had been funny and much of it was EXTREMELY annoying. Since the reviews of it seemed quite positive I assume my reaction to it is unusual--what do y'all think of the movie?


Bob-kat said…
I haven't seen the movie so I can't comment though I do believe it's a certain type of humour. I enjoyed a previous film of Will Ferrell's though called Anchorman becuase I felt it was a very tongue in cheek and exagerated look back at the 70's (though still took it a little far in places).
carli said…
Didn't see Talladega Nights. But I had Anchorman out from Netflix for months and never touched it. And I hated Old School. I just don't think I'm a "frat pack" kinda gal.

See Children of Men. I don't know you, but I think you'd like it. And I loved it so much, I'm recommending it to everyone.
nancy said…
I have not seen that movie and probably won't. I don't like that type of movie.

I love what I have seen so far of Heroes. I want to see it from the beginning.
SassyAssy said…
My dear Utenzi, it was about racing and I never got the impression you were all that Southern yet.

I have not watched Heroes..might have to Tivo it and see what it is have not steered me wrong yet.

Speaking of which, you have me so addicted to Janet Evanovich...can't get enough of her Stephanie Plum and she has a new series that is equally as interesting.

How is the food restriction working for you? I need to dig up those vegetarian recipes for you...will try to do that tonight.
rosemary said…
Yep, Will was a bit under the car with this one...i loved him on SNL but even his cameo in Wedding Crashers was pretty bad.

Janet E....I'm sure you have read the short Plum Lovin. I am trying to be patient for the next Plum ripe for pickin.
Teresa said…
I watched The Class, but didn't understand the last part where the boyfriend was going through the papers. What were they?

Didn't want to see the movie before -- don't want to see it now.

I haven't read anything worthy of reporting, but love your tenacity, dear!
utenzi said…
Those weren't papers, Teresa, those were "stalker" pictures and you gotta figure that'll impact Kat's relationship with the fellow.
Anonymous said…
I love watching Heroes, you're right, that show is addictive! I want Hiro to get the samurai sword, I'm curious to see what happens when he finally has it.

Ari (Baking and Books)
srp said…
I didn't attempt that movie... not a fan of the star or of stupid antics. Funny, I heard reviews that said it was lame.

Looks like CSI: Miami is killing off another of the regulars....
Yaeli said…
Heroes has only just started here in Oz and I found the first episode rather intriguing but perplexing. The second episode airs tonight so hopefully more will be revealed. :o)
Janet said…
Talladega Nights was a movie that did the same joke, over and over and over. It should've ended at lest 45 minutes before it did. Very much a disappointment.

And I adore the show Heroes! Did you notice the license plate on the car Hiro's father got into? CRACKED me up!!!

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