some snow on UNC

Here's two pictures I took a few days ago when we got some snow here in Eastern NC. By northern standards it was a laughably small accumulation but that's not how it seemed to people here. A lot of people didn't go to work and many schools canceled classes.

The picture below is where I work at UNC. My lab is on the second floor. It'd been snowing for a couple of hours by the time I got into work but only about an inch was sticking to the ground in Chapel Hill at that point. It kept snowing for another 3 hours then transitioned into freezing rain.

Since I grew up in upstate NY it all seems silly to me. We'd not have a delay in school even if a foot of snow dropped overnight. About the only thing that would delay or cancel school was if it got real cold. Once it got more than 30 degrees below zero (farenheit) the furnaces had trouble keeping up and they'd cancel. It's rare for the temperature to drop below 10 degrees here. By contrast, the town that I grew up in is supposed to get down to -10 tonight. Brrrr! That's 40 degrees colder than here in NC.

The picture below is of the UNC team mascot. It looks like a mountain goat to me but I'm told it's actually a ram. In any case the statue is right next to the football stadium and under the Belltower, another UNC landmark, which is on top of the hill behind the snowy goat.


Jean-Luc Picard said…
A ram sounds a better mascot then a goat!

Michele sent me.
Nikki-ann said…
We don't get much snow here these days and when it does snow there's only an inch or two. As soon as it starts snowing everything goes into chaos. Schools close etc and I don't know why. If I can get to work and back in my little car (up a HUGE hill) in snow then I don't see why kids can't go to school. I think it's because we don't get much that people panic and schools close.
Anonymous said…
Hey Utenzi, Michele sent me.

Don't even get me started on southern states dealing with snow! As a born Minnesotan, I'm with you. My brother was in the Army, circa 79 when NC got hit with an inch of snow. No one knew what to do about it. Bro, who was normally on the helicopter flight line, was on office duty as he recovered from a knee injury. A General needed a driver and no one knew how to drive in the stuff - as you say, the state practically closed down! My brother stepped forward and told the general that he was from Minnesota and was an excellent winter driver. Well guess what? Until he was cleared to return to the flight line, Marty was off office duty and assigned as personal driver to the general! We about busted a gut when we heard the story.
Carmi said…
I like how you've captured your reality. It looks like a place I'd love to visit, snow or no snow.

We're wrestling with extreme cold here in the Great White North this weekend. And all my kids want is ice cream. I think I've raised them right :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the pics Utenzi. It might not be a LOT of snow but it does look COLD.

I love the look of university campuses.

Michelle says hi.
Chris said…
Thanks for the comments..I'm in Chicago where not too much snow...but Brrrr it's cold here the last couple of days!
srp said…
You had more than we did.
Everyone is watching football.
Well, Blogger did it to me. I tried so hard to plan and plan and it hijacked me right in the middle of a post. I posted the pictures then saved them as a draft and then started arranging and working on it. When I had it just right I tried to post and it wouldn't let me until I switched. In fact it wouldn't let me do anything. Sigh! So like the spineless and computer clueless person I am, I caved. Been over here for thirty minutes.... and I hate it already.
rosemary said…
We have had enough snow/ice fall from the roof that we can climb right does take some talent to live, drive and stay even moderately warm in winter...was a whopping 24 today but lots of cloud cover so it won't get too cold tonight....I am thinkin SPRING!
Sandy said…
Ha! We got snow up my way too. I, however, managed to miss it all having been on vacation at the time. I'm not yet sure I'm happy about that or sad. Some how it doesn't seem like a real winter without at least one or two good snow falls.
Noi said…
Woa..I think I will freeze and not be able to move a muscle under those conditions. You should come to sunny singapore, where people get sunburn a lot;)

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