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I doubt many people will see this since everyone that regularly looks at this blog has the address Utenzi2 bookmarked, but this is the post-transition Utenzi. Wheee.

Yesterday Blogger finally forced the issue and made me move over to their new version. A little dose of Fascism to brighten our day. And to continue the tradition we've established--Blogger and I--they screwed me again. Now the Dashboard interface won't let me publish to Utenzi2 just like, many months ago when I moved over to Beta Blogger, they wouldn't let me publish to Utenzi.

It's difficult to keep an audience when every 6 months or so Blogger forces one to change their web address. Assholes.

Hopefully they'll allow me to publish again to what reluctantly became my regular address at Utenzi2--I've got a help request in to that effect--but if not, I'll have to send out requests for everyone that reads my blog to change their blogroll address for me. And of course the indexing organizations like Google itself won't be sending people my way.

I have a horrible visual memory so I don't know how much this looks like the blog I was publishing to Utenzi2. The templates started off the same but over the past 7 or 8 months diverged a fair amount. I've tried the past hour to fix things on the template here to approximate how I had Utenzi2 working, but no doubt there's a few things I've forgotten. At least I remembered what I did to increase Opera CSS compliance and implemented that.


Shephard said…
I couldn't agree more.
I'm still on the old blogger, and I won't switch until forced to, cuz I know it'll screw up my template. Wish they'd just do their jobs, provide a service, and leave us all alone!
Your template still looks good tho!

Michele says hello!
kenju said…
Dave, I just bookmarked this address so I will have it, but if you change back, you'll have to let me know, okay?
srp said…
I am still trying to get the nerve to do it, the switch that is... blush! On Blogger Beta for Dummies (that would be me), it says back up your template... make a practice blog to fiddle with the template on and then when the practice is ok, put it on the regular blog. I did that part, at least the making of a practice blog. But... it says to back up your blog.. they suggest another program to do that... but still assume you really know how. Also, I use Haloscan for comments and they have a new code for the new Blogger but I can't find any information to know if it saves all your old comments or if you lose them... Help!

Will change your address in my roll but if you change it again, let me know.
used*to*be*me* said…
I found you just fine. I'll update my bookmarks too. Blogger sucks but we get what we pay for. I'm considering making the plung to domain/FTP/big girl blog. ACK!
Carmi said…
Whatever address Google forces you to use, we'll find you. I'll update my sidebar accordingly.

I think more and more of us will be moving elsewhere in the months to come. I know that Blogger is free, and we tend to get what we pay for. But as soon as something better comes along in the Wonderful World of Web Tools, the herd will migrate.

Remember Geocities? AOL? CompuServe?
chase said…
That's the reason why i moved to Wordpress. Blogger is kindof bitchy you know
I found you!!!

I clicked the link that I had and when it dropped me off in the middle of nowhere I thought that perhaps you had moved. So with a little investigation I found you and added the address to my links section.
Uisce said…
phew!! can you believe the nerve of those... those... I won't say it.
Anonymous said…
Yea I couldn't find you this morning! I erased the 2 on a hunch and arrived here though, whew. I thought you might have quit the blogging world. Sorry Blogger is such a pain!

Ari (Baking and Books)
carli said…
I usually love GOOGLE. But this new version of Blogger is SH*T.
And Marshal Crenshaw is the MAN.
No_Newz said…
I love the tags you added to this post!!! Hahahah! Welcome back home.
Michelle said…
You can run but you can't hide Dave!! Booger forced me to cross to the dark side what a drama :(

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