I have heat and CBAK

Happy St Valentine's Day everyone. I did the flower thing and for some reason they were delivered yesterday. My girlfriend didn't mind but I was a bit annoyed. Judy--what's going on with your industry? LOL I bet it is a wee bit stressful for florists this week.

I sent roses to Ren and tulips to my parents. 18 of one and 20 of the other. A lot of plants lose their lives to this little celebration.

As of 4pm Tuesday, I once again have heat in my house. Thank God! It's about to get cold again and I'd not want to have my heating unit on the sideline when the mercury drops below 20f again like it's supposed to later this week.

The bad news is that the repair cost almost $500. To be exact, it was $498.75, and that was almost evenly split between the labor cost and the R-22 (freon) that needed to be put back into the system. More than 10 pounds worth at $22 something a pound. Hell, prime Kobe beef costs less than that!

On the stock front I bought 1,000 shares of China BAK Battery (CBAK) on Monday after I sold off the stock I had in Onyx Pharmaceuticals (ONXX). While a thousand sounds like a lot of shares, at $4.06 a share it really didn't cost a lot. CBAK had a hard correction on Monday and looks to be attractively priced right now. It had been trading around $5.50 and dropped to $4 because while its earnings were good this past quarter they didn't meet analyst earnings estimates--a big deal when a company trades at a high PE ratio. In case you're curious, CBAK manufactures rechargeable lithium-based battery cells and a few other items like that in China. I expect the stock to make it to $7 later this year so I'll hold onto it until it either hits that target or I get tired of holding onto it. I never claimed to be purely rational about this stuff.


Yaeli said…
Yay for flowers!!! But where are mine??? They must have got lost in the mail!!! :o)

Sorry to hear that your heating cost you so much... but at least you'll be a toasty little bunny for the rest of winter!
Yaeli said…
I forgot to say "Happy Valentine's Day"!!! xoxo
Yaeli said…
I never knew that iodine isn't kosher!!! What a slack Jew I am!!!
utenzi said…
Oh, Yaeli! I don't think it's the fact that it's iodine--it's that there's not supposed to be any additives in salt according to the Talmud. But I'm not Jewish so I'm just guessing as to the logic.
Nancy said…
They were delivering as much as they could yesterday due to the storm and I got my flowers last night, also.

Happy Valentines Day!
Noi said…
It is so sweet of you to send flowers to your parents.

That is gross picture. I do not even want to figure out what it is:p
Bob-kat said…
How irritating that they delivered on the wrong day but it is the thought that really counts.

Hope you both have a lovely Valentines day.

Glad to hear that your home is warmer again and you no longer could freeze food in it!
SassyAssy said…
Happy Valentines Day! More importantly...Happy Having Heat Now!

Thanks for the stock tip...I take it that is your blogger Valentine to your faithful readers???
MissMeliss said…
I don't mind it when Valentine's Day or Birthday flowers come a day or so early - you get to enjoy them that much longer.

Glad the heat has been restored. Sorry about the bill.
Diane Mandy said…
Happy Valentine's Day! Glad you're heat isback on. It's getting down to 18 degrees tonight. Stay warm!
Pearl said…
Mmmmm, heat. Turn it up. ;)

Nothing like a hot valentine's day.
kenju said…
I'm very glad you have heat, Dave, especially since the forecast is for much cooler weather to come soon.

The flower shop did well today - but we were busy with men who didn't order early and expected to find unlimited dozens of red roses hanging around just waiting for them to call. We ran out of red roses by 10:30 am.
srp said…
Ah, a Valentine after my own heart... gotta love those ventricles, atria, pulmonary and aortic arteries. Mine is all a quiver.... or I suppose beating in sinus rhythm would be better than "a quiver"... can't pump much blood in fibrillation.

Roses? I didn't get any roses! Or chocolate. But I did get a card from my dad. Now, I need to go get him one as it is his birthday.

Love that heat!
Michelle said…
Happy Valentines Day Dave, hope you're keeping warm!

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