It's damn cold in here. My heat isn't working. AGAIN! I was at my girlfriend's place for the weekend and when I came back home it was 55f in here and the heat was on but no hot air was coming out. This has been happening every now and then for several weeks but it's difficult to get it repaired when it's not consistently not working.

Up to now it's just been the electric coils that would sometimes not work but this time the heat pump isn't doing its thing either. That's why the title on this post. I turned off the heat a few times tonight since sometimes that's all it needs to get going again--but not this time--so it's staying off for the entire night and I'll see what happens in the morning. It's 53f in here now and since it's hovering at the freezing point outside, it'll be around 48f in here by the time I wake up. Getting out of bed in the morning will be quite the challenge!

I've owned this place for 3.5 years and the HVAC system keeps breaking down in myriad ways. It's all quite annoying.

In other news, the only warm place in the house is in the microwave where I heated up a few containers of water and have the dough for tomorrow night's bread resting. I hope those yeast are staying warm 'cause that's the only way the bread will rise right. I'm almost finished with the Pollan book now. I really didn't like the second section about tulips for reasons I'll probably bore everyone to death with later on and the second on marijuana was okay. I've just started the last section on potatoes but it's a short section so I'll finish before going to sleep tonight. My shivering will help me stay awake!


Teresa said…
It's been cold here, but I've had the fire going all day, so I'm not totally frozen like you are! Try to stay warm, Dave.

I don't know about the bread's fate... it should do okay and just take some time to rise. I know I had a recipe where you let it rise in the refrigerator...
rennratt said…
PLEASE tell me that you are calling a 'pro' to look at the heat pump and repair it! This weather is going to get "worse" before it gets better.
srp said…
It sounds like an investment in a good electric blanket is in order... or perhaps an electric mattress warmer.

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