The Black Donnellys

There's a new tv show on NBC tonight, at least here in the US. It's called The Black Donnellys and it follows the trials and tribulations of 4 Irish American brothers. According to the NBC site: this gritty series bears witness to the Donnelly brothers' sudden involvement in organized crime, focusing on how they go from boys to mobsters, and showing how their new life affects their relationships with friends, family and lovers.

I saw the 4 actors that play the brothers on The Today Show this morning as well as a few clips from the show. It looks like it has a lot of potential and there's certainly a lot of buzz about the show. Partially this is due to the show being written by Robert Moresco, who also wrote Million Dollar Baby and Crash.

The bad thing about this show is that it marks the demise of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, one of my favorite shows of this season. I can't believe the lackluster 30 Rock is surviving when Studio 60 isn't. (both shows are based on SNL)

The Black Donnellys show was created by Paul Haggis, who grew up in London, Ontario, and the show strongly references London's local history regarding the real-life Black Donnellys and the massacre associated with their name. It's also going to be shown there on Global Television Network at the same time as here in the US.

Another famous son of London is Carmi Levy, who often drops by this blog. He's a journalist with the London Free Press and is a writer and photographer of considerable talent. Go check out his blog if you want proof!


kenju said…
I haven't seen any of the shows you mentioned, but this one might have promise.

I know all about Carmi (and I have been to London, On).
carli said…
I didn't care for Studio 60, but I like 30 ROCK (but I wouldn't be sad to see it go either). The Black Donnellys. . . I just can't see it lasting.

I didn't like CRASH. Didn't Paul Haggis write that?

The only new show I've picked up this season is Friday Night Lights, and even that's starting to wear thin with me.
Carmi said…
You are entirely too kind! As long as my kids think I'm famous in the house, then it's a good thing. Everything else is gravy.

Paul Haggis has been a major deal here ever since I can remember. When we first moved here just over a decade ago, he was still being feted for his Due South run. The two Oscars pretty much sealed his rise and he's now as close to a hometown hero as we've got. There was much sadness when he failed to win his third consecutive Academy Award. Maybe next year, as he's one prolific writer.

They had a Paul Haggis Day for him last year. The city pretty much shut down as he skipped from one high-profile celebration to another. It was neat, especially since we're such a small-thinking town that we don't often realize how much greatness there is in our midst.

To wit, Ryan Gosling was born here. His girlfriend, Rachel McAdams, grew up just down the road in St. Thomas. That's where the Ford Crown Victoria is made, incidentally.

Sorry, I'm rambling. It's just such an interesting place to live when you scratch the surface a bit. Thanks for opening the door to some fun exploration!
Claire said…
I like the sound of that show, hopefully it'll make it over here.

Studio 60 has just started being plugged here, but if it's been dropped already I might give it a miss...I hate getting into shows that are cancelled!

And on the subject of London, Ontario. One of my closest friends moved here from London 3 years ago!
Teresa said…
I have The Black Donnellys set to record, but after hearing your explanation of the show, I'm not sure it's for me....

Studio 60 isn't dead yet... it's on hiatus. I don't know the future of it though. NBC has never done well on Monday nights... it probably would do better somewhere else. I tried to watch the other show about SNL, but couldn't get into it. This one has some problems, but I still like it. I'll watch it if it stays.
rosemary said…
Didn't watch Studio simply because I don't like Matthew Perry...silly I know. Will watch this new one tonight...if it is successful maybe Jay Leno will stop with the NBC bad programming jokes.
I'm sick about STUDIO 60, though my understanding is it is on Hiatus...But, there is also talk that this Hiatus may be the death knell for this wonderful show!

I missed the Donnelly's tonight because I fell asleep...But I'm sure I'll catch it next week....And isn't this just what we need, another mob oriented show about four brothers...! Sorry, after The Soprano's, they broke that mold for me...But I am sure I'll give it a look-see anyway because I am sick of ALL the so called reality shows that are just about as scripted as the so called Drama Shows...EDITING is the secret weapon of these shows!
Oh dear STUDIO 60...come back...!

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