The Amazing Race

It's a little weird that this season is called All Stars. While there is one team that won their season and two teams that came in second most of the teams finished a lot lower. In fact the modal finish was 4th place (3 teams) with another finishing 5th and two teams placing 6th (and Danielle who finished 7th). All Stars? Hardly. It's also-rans.

Despite that, I do think this will be a lot of fun for anyone who's watched the race before. Most of the teams are interesting and it should be fun to see how well they play together. There's a good mix of teams that compete compassionately and teams that go for the throat. In my humble opinion, it's the Beauty Queens that are the most brutally competitive. They finished Season 10 in 4th place but really deserved to do better. They were eliminated mainly because they'd screwed so many other teams over that everyone wanted them to lose. I wonder how they'll play the game this time?

So who would you pick to win? I have to go with Rob and Amber. They finished second in Season 7 despite all the other teams keeping their collective eyes on them and while the situation will be the same this time around, I think Rob and Amber are up for it.

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Much as I enjoy Rob's antics, I think most people who've watched the show will find Uchenna and Joyce to be the emotional favorites. They won in Season 7, beating out Rob and Amber at the end. They're probably the two nicest people who've competed in the race and with emotional moments like when they left the African orphanage or had to shave their heads (well, head--Uchenna was already shaved) in India, they're the team that most people like the most. I'd have to say they're my favorite pair from all the seasons. If I could pick and choose from all the teams though I'd pick Nancy from Season 1 and Colin from Season 5.

Who do you like the most?


srp said…
Both couples look lovely, but I don't watch that show.. just can't understand the draw of it or Survivor or any of those Beauty and the Geek or Big Brother type things.

You said something about posting a picture of your "insides". I didn't remember having one, but then just before I left Mississippi (where, btw I NEVER saw a seagull in our town) I had a bit of elective surgery and those considerate and helpful lab techs (touch of sarcasm), decided to take photos of my parts... then once removed... of course you can't take them out twice. I still think it would be too gross for posting... they were gross rather than microscopic photos. In the words of Rosana Rosana Dana.... Never mind.
Michelle said…
Yaaaaaaaaaay Uchenna & Joyce, genuinely a decent couple, i hope they win :o)
carli said…
I love Uchenna and Joyce, but I think their season was rigged so that Amber and Rob wouldn't win. I also like Charla and Myrna; they weren't perfect, but they definitely were discriminated against by some of the less evolved racers. But since the show is on during The Simpsons, I probably won't be watching every episode.

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