The Amazing Race: All Stars

After Ren left to go back home I watched 60 Minutes and The Amazing Race: All Stars. TAR was the first episode in the new All Star season. It's really kinda ridiculous but I love that show. I didn't think I'd like this new format--but I was wrong. I just eat this show up.

There's only one team that I don't like though two of the other teams have one member annoys me. The team I don't like is the cousins and they managed to squeak by elimination tonight. Darn. My favorites are Rob and Amber, of course. He's so competitive he pisses a lot of people off but I enjoy the humor he displays when he's trying to get ahead. The guys in Team Guido strike me the same way. In the first season they were rather mean spirited but I suspect the past 5 years have mellowed them a bit. I won't give anything away about the episode since I know a lot of people haven't seen it yet. Here's a link where host Phil Keoghan talks about the new show a bit.

Mary and Ian are the two folk that annoy me, in case you're curious. Eric and Danielle are a dating couple that were both on other teams in Season 9. I wasn't too crazy about either of their former teams but together I like them a lot. Go figure. And no, it has nothing to do with Danielle being the hottest woman in the race. Or does it? LOL The person I'd like most to be in the race is Colin from Season 5, but he's not in this one. He and his team partner Christie did get married after the race. Colin was a lot like Rob, quite hypercompetitive but Colin had a weak stomach. He just couldn't eat weird food.

Speaking of food, I might be canceling my February diet a little early. It's become quite obvious that nothing that I've eliminated from my diet has been causing me problems. Because I'm rather stubborn I've not stopped yet but I suspect sometime this week I'll start eating eggs and cheese again. Meat will no doubt follow soon after. Chocolate might be consumed by mid-week. Yay!!

It's kinda weird but I ate a lot more vegetables before I started this no-animal stuff diet. I often prep veggies to go with meat but now that I'm avoiding meat, the veggies have gone also. I've been eating mostly pasta with tomato sauce with rice and potatoes being occasional alternatives. Not much greenery in my diet!


Michelle said…
Dave i don't know how you can like Rob & amber, they are just so nasty. Are the hippies in it?? Now they were great fun!
utenzi said…
You're right, Michelle. The hippies were fun. They're not on this show tho. Sorry!
Teresa said…
Ian's wife annoys me more than Ian for some reason. Together they are a bit humorous though.

As for the diet... you should restart by eliminating what you are eating now (pasta and rice, it seems!), then give up the other stuff one thing at a time. If the pasta is causing problems, you should feel better, but I suspect you've got a combo thing going on. I'm SURE it's not the chocolate though!
Cravey said…
I don't watch TAR but understand the addiction to this kind of TV, I'm completely hooked on Survivor., it's ridiculous.

Good for you for sticking out the diet as long as you have - I can't imagine it.
kenju said…
That diet can't be good for you, Dave.

I wanted to watch TAR last night, but we had company for dinner and couldn't get to the TV in time. Rob was so annoying on Survivor, but you still wanted to watch just to see what conniving thing he would do next!
I don't watch this show and have never watched it so I don't have a clue to anytghing you are talking about.(LOL).
What is it about these reality shows that fascinates us? I mean, it is all based in winning and loosing and this competitive stuff that I personally find exhausting! And the basis of all of them is the it's this one or American Idol or Top Chef...etc.And they are so mean spirited...! Help!
Personally, I rather watch a GOOD Movie! Give me illusion anytime! (lol)
Noi said…
Hey I caught the first episode too! I like Rob and Amber not because of what they do but because they make the show so interesting and humorous.

I cant stand the bald guys for some reason, and yeah..I wish the hippies were in it;)
srp said…
And how much weight did you lose on this vegetarian without the vegetables diet? ;)

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