squirrel bootie plus corn

I bet you thought that I meant to say "porn" not "corn" up there in the title. Ha! Just because this is about squirrel butt doesn't mean it's pornographic. This is more in the theme of a nature post, y'see.

These pictures were taken on my parent's deck the day after Christmas.

The one to the left is a squirrel nervously eyeing me as he snacks on some corn. I was using my 12X zoom but he still didn't like me snapping pictures of his dining experience.

I probably took at least 50 pictures of this nature. Each time I put out another ear of corn there'd be a little battle and the winner would sit on the perch and eat the kernals. Some would fall to the deck and the losing squirrels would rush in and grab the loose corn.

Some times the dominant squirrel would chase the others away and sometimes he'd not bother. It was interesting trying to snap pictures of this battle of will, but ultimately it didn't work very well. Those rodents are so damn fast all I got were blurs from the camera. I'll post a few of the pictures in a day or so. Generally there'd be the dominant squirrel "standing tall" in the middle and a little gray blur at the edge of the picture.

How do you like that squirrel bootie over there to the left? That was after one of the more aggressive moves when the dominant squirrel chased away 3 others that were trying to get some food too. Gotta watch that sorta thing, y'know? (I think the squirrel's a republican)


Anonymous said…
gotta love a nice piece of tail... ;)

michele sent me tonight.
Anonymous said…
The squirrel ass is nice, and a little sexy to really sick people. Michele sent me. Feel free to skip the degenerate sections of my blog and go right to the ones that involve food and give constructive advice.
kenju said…
Heh, heh....squirrel porn...unh,corn. He's cute, Dave, and his belly is so white!
kristal said…
Great pictures! I don't see many squirrels around here. I did see one at a park one time but all I had with me was my polaroid. I had to get pretty close and it didn't like that at all! The results were very blurry... So, I'm pretty impressed with yours!

Michele sent me.
-t- said…
Hello, I'm here to wish you a Happy New Year 2007.
Very cute squirrel pics. I wish you many more of these encounters for this year - beautiful and serene.
Luck and Love!
Deana said…
Great shot! I started buying my squirrels the corn already off the cob otherwise my Labs just kept dragging the corn off like bones! I do have some set up like that in a feeder but they don't seem to like it. I think it puts them in too close range for the cats!
Linda said…
Nice tail...that's a girl...we have a lot of BIG FAT squirrels around here (mostly boys, so I know what I'm talking about). They've gotten fat on my Panera Bread deposits - I get free day-old (or older) stuff, and if I can't eat THAT in a day or two, out it goes for the squirrels. Between my bread and the osage orange tree fruit, they're SET.

Happy new year!
Anonymous said…
Great pictures these! And a good shot of the tail/butt. LOL!! What camera do you use?
Anonymous said…
Whoops! Forgot to say:
Michele sent me!! *waves*
Anonymous said…
Or maybe a Libertarian! Those little buggers are fast. great shots!

Michele sends her best,

No_Newz said…
Oh David! I love those crazy little critters, and their booties! We have a bunch of them at our house too. The other day, I set out some peanuts for them. I saw a one hide a peanut in the dirt of my decorative wagon in my garden. Next thing I saw was a bluejay digging it out with his beak. Poor little squirrel is going to think he has old timers. "I could have sworn I burried that nut here. What the hel?!" LOL!
Have a greaqt weekend!
rampant bicycle said…
Squirrels are adorable. And also, as you say, oddly reflective of human pecking orders. :) I love the pictures, though!

Hello from Michele's!
Anonymous said…
He does seem to be eyeing you up wearily doesn't he? :-) Great pics.

I often see squirrels when I walk in a nearby park here adn they are so funny to watch when they chase each other around trees. Of course it's deadly serious stnuff to them!
Marie said…
You never miss a beat, do you Utenzi? Great squirrel shots. Excellent lighting. By the way, Michele did not send me today.
kenju said…
My aunt had 2 squirrels who used to come to her front door everyday to get peanuts. They were so tame they'd almost take them out of her hands.

Michele sent me.
Becky68 said…
Hi Utenzi, Thanks for stopping by my blog, What great pictures, those squirels are so cute! I remember when I was 4 or 5 my father did something similar, it involved him setting up a tripod in our bathroom with his camera & a huge lens & taking really close up pictures of birds & squirrels which came to feed in our back yard. I,being a klutz walked in, opened the door & knocked the tripod over...My dad caught the camera though!
FABULOUS Pictures, Dave...LOVE them, a lot!!!
What camera do you use?

Here from Michele tonight and so happy she sent me!
JessiBelle said…
Michele sent me...

I miss the squirrels so much since I moved to the city and into an apartment. They're so cute to watch. Be careful posting squirrel booty, I'm sure in some parts of this country it may be considered porn!
Michelle said…
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, they are fantastic! We don't have squirrels here. I was watching a show last night where an American family in Kentucky were eating squirrels :(
srp said…
I think you might be mistaken there. That squirrel tail looks a lot like John Kerry or perhaps John Edwards.... definitely a fat cat democrat trying hard to disguise the fact.

As squirrels go the face is quite cute.
craziequeen said…
Cute bootie....and cute face - the makings of a squirrel star!


Michele sent me this morning.

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