Ostrich poop found here

I took these pictures last Fall while visiting the NC Zoo. On the left you can see what appears to be a nice polite ostrich just wandering around. This impression soon turns out to be false when her dowdy tail feathers raise up and reveal a puckered anus. Ewwww! If you look carefully, you can see that she's made a deposit on the ground. More ewwww!

Feel free to click on the image to make them bigger. Details can make all the difference in these shots.

In other matters, aren't those really bony legs they have? And couldn't they have a little more color?


He is rather cute, I must say...But when I clicked on each of these pictures they weren't any bigger...Boo Hoo! Wish they had been...!

Thanks for your comment, Dave...Of course there were the Andy Hardy films---it was more like a serial, in a way..And I loved them, but those were considered "B" pictures by MGM---cheap and fast and popular...and also it wasn't about a real person....I think when Columbia Pictures saw how popular "The Jolson Story" was, they realized there was more to Jolson's life and they could make the rest of that story...It was definately an "A" picture--Big, like "DREAMGIRLS" would be considered, today, now....And that was the unusual part. But the Hardy pictures and pictures like them---"B" i mean, that was a whole other deal.
Anonymous said…
Ostriches are so cool....

They can run fast.......

and stomp you to death.....

and still look the epitome of politesse.....


Michele sent me today, Dave.
srp said…
When my daughter was little, I trained her to call her little gaseous releases... "fluff" instead of the more base sounding "fart". I know, it is a Southern Belle reaction from someone who isn't, but having heard other kids yell out, "Hey mom, I farted!" in a crowded restaurant, I felt it my civic duty.

She picked up on this with the same sponge like nature with which she picked up the long, slow Southern drawl of the true deep, deep Mississippi South; where the long "i" sound goes on to infinity, the sentences last for hours and the body language has to include the batting of eyelashes and sidelong glances.

One day, while not in my presence (I still haven't decided if this was a good or bad thing), she let rip a good one, broke wind, whatever you want to call it; and did so in front of several adults as well as the sitter. In true and accomplished Southern Belle style, my four year old, turned her head, batted her eyes, touched her fingertips to her lips and said, "Oh! Excuse me, I fluffed!" Then with a knowing glance far beyond her years, added... "IT happens you know!"

I know this doesn't have anything to do with the ostrich, but in a zoo IT just happens..... you know?
Andrea said…
It could have been worse you know. Tee Hee. It could have been mating.


Michele told me to say hi, and since I had a computer issue when posting, I didn't want to skip you over :)
Anonymous said…
I hear they're good eatin'. Perhaps, but there is enough "known" good food already in the world... I'll pass.

via Michele,

Anonymous said…
I wasn't sure I wanted to see that puckered red part any closer! Ick. That does take some of the mystique of ostriches away, doesn't it? LOL
Michele swnt me back Dave...I wonder if the Ostrich saw us getting ready to take a dump he would be equally disgusted....I mean, it is a part of life and the natural way of things...At least, I think it is! (lol)
Anyway, I think they are magnoficent Birds....!
Begered said…
I can honestly say I have never seen an Ostrich in that way. They are strange creatures...I still like them though. Amazing how those bony legs allow them to run so fast!
Anonymous said…
Hey thanks for the comments ;)

Your are a part of the Social Networking phenomenon just by having your blog and now You Tube its all just a digital playground ;)

Have fun ;)
Anonymous said…
Well I guess this is just more proof that everybody and everyone poops. If you're ever seen a whale poop (or smelled it) you really can't complain about a little furry bird! :-)

Here via Michele
Anonymous said…
I'm sure the animals wait until they are being watched to do these sort of things! :-) All part of nature but couldn't they give them a covered kitty litter box! LOL!
sage said…
spare me the detailed blown up shot! lol I haven't been to the NC Zoo since the early 80s, when it was just getting started.

Here from Michele's.
Anonymous said…
ewweww is right!
Anonymous said…
I really want to visit the zoo with you someday. You see things I would otherwise miss.
MissMeliss said…
Okay, first - excellent photos. I love the details you capture.

Second, ostriches are evil. EVIL. They attack cars, and stuff.

Third, my dogs love ostrich meat.

Have a splendiforous day.

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