Knights of Prosperity

Rant: there's spoilers contained herein so avoid reading this post if you intend to watch this week's episode of Knights of Prosperity but haven't done so yet.

Last chance to turn back folks.

Okay. I got suckered into watching the show again by JerseyDude. I'm sure he meant well--or maybe it was a practical joke. It's hard to believe the show has a legitimate fan.

This show has the premise that a group of blue collar n'er do wells have come together to hatch a plot. The plot being to rob Mick Jagger's Manhattan apartment. Not likely, I agree, but I can see how you could float this idea to get a series funded. After that of course you have to deliver something and this television show delivers nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Tonights episode, you ask? Well, the Knights have decided they need to get one of their members inside the security team that guards the Jagger apartment. Due to a very unlikely situation one guy on the team gets noticed favorably by the Jagger security team in last week's episode so this week he goes in for a job interview. The end result is that he has to do a task before being hired--the task is to deliver a locked briefcase with $150,000 in it to the security office in Atlantic City. And to do it in 18 hours.

Yes, you heard me right. This security firm is having someone that just interviewed with them deliver $150k. And the 6 geniuses that comprise the Knights didn't view that as unlikely so the majority of the episode was their internal bickering over whether to deliver the money to get the inside job or to settle for the $150k. $25,000 each. Not bad money--if it's there. And of course it's not. Even idiots--which these people theoretically aren't--would realize that this was a test. Since they don't realize they must be sub-idiots or at least the writers of the show are. And at the end of the episode --big surprise-- it's revealed the there wasn't any money in the case.

And the 18 hours? Why would a courier in NYC need 18 hours to get to Atlantic City? I live half way down the East Coast and I can get there in 5 hours. Just more idiocy to allow for half-baked plot development. And plenty of silliness occurs like when the cab driver realizes that he's being closely tailed and commences evasive maneuvers. The evasive driving isn't show--probably too expensive to shoot--and all we see is the cab on the side of the road, wrecked apparently, and all the Knights outside bickering... and then the car chasing them pulls up. Remember, this car was supposedly in hot pursuit but now it's just arriving after the wreck and the bickering? To arrive that late it'd have to have been several miles behind them on the highway. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And then to make it even more sit-comish it turns out that the car is occupied with a whitebread and totally non-dangerous family who stop to ask if everyone is all right after the accident.

So then they get a room for the night while they wait for the cab to be repaired and worry whether they'll get to AC in time. Hello? Have you heard of car rentals? Renting a cheap car isn't more expensive than getting a room for the night. Crap like that happens over and over. The writers want certain situations to occur so they can squeeze in bad jokes and supposedly funny situations and they don't care if the plot makes any sense at all.

Details do matter! It's not that difficult to write a plot line that makes sense. If you notice details give Knights of Prosperity a wide berth because it'll just piss you off. Hey, it happened to me.


Michelle said…
Its not on down under :o)
srp said…
I don't do sitcoms anyway. No, I take that back... I do like Reba, but in small doses. At least I think she is funny, not so much the rest of the cast.

PBS had a new version of Jane Eyre on on Sunday night. I don't know why that particular title always pulls me in, but it does.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm so glad I read this before wasting my time. It looked mildly interesting from what blurbs I read.

Network sitcoms are awful, as a rule. The exceptions for me are Ugly Betty, Scrubs, The Office and My Name is Earl. And of course, The Simpsons. Can't go wrong with them.

I'm here via michele today ( for those who don't know what I'm talking about).

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