Fjuckby by any other name

Fjuckby is a village in Sweden.

According to Wikipedia, prior to the 1930s, the village was known as Fjukeby. In the 1930s, the spelling of the name of this small historic town was changed to Fjuckby. As you can imagine, that has caused a lot of jokes to emerge from English speaking peoples due to the similarity to the word "fuck" and also the Swedish word "juck" which means the same thing.

In December 2006 the inhabitants of Fjuckby applied to change the name of their village back to the original spelling of Fjukeby.

Now there's only something like 65 people in the town so how much ribbing and ridicule can they be enduring? You'd think a town that small would want to get noticed. Hell, it's probably the reason for the name change in the first place. After all, they might not have been familiar with the English word "fuck" back in 1930 but they surely knew about the Swedish word "juck" since they are in Sweden. I guess this fits into the "what were they thinking" category.

Should "What the Juck?" be the catch phrase for 2007?


Claire said…
That's so funny. Those poor people!
Anonymous said…
What the juck indeed!

Perhaps the reason they are campaigning to change the name back is to draw further to the place?
utenzi said…
I'm sure you're right, B-K. That makes a lot of sense. In the meantime, I'm using "what the juck" to get past censors! (of course it won't work in Sweden)
Michelle said…
"MotherJucker"...."JuckMe"...naaaah, its just not the same!
Noi Rocker said…
Oh my! I think I can use your information when I feel like cursing someone or something since i dont normally say the actual vulgar word.

It can be a code for those who understand. Haha!
utenzi said…
You're a lot more polite than I am, Noi. That word has passed my lips many times. :-)
Anonymous said…
hee hee..
what the juck...
it's got my vote...
Carmi said…
Well, fjuckme!

You always make me smile.

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