Do you know the muffin man?

In February I'm going to go on a one month regimen of not eating animal products. I've not had any meat in two weeks so in a way I've already started. I have, on the other hand, been eating a lot of eggs.

They've all been in the form of muffins. Each batch of 5 or 6 muffins requires one egg and I've made 8 batches in the past 4 days. 10 muffins a day I've been eating. And that's about all I've eaten in that time span.

By the way, to the left is my muffin maker--it does 3 at a time and takes about 6 minutes per batch-- along with the mix I used, an egg and some milk (actually half and half).

I can't explain these little food craze things I go through but it's been true all my life. One week it'll be mac & cheese casserole or maybe lasagna and that's all I'll eat...until my next interest comes through and that could be pancakes, pork chops, cheese and crackers or anything else. It's very unpredictable.

I know a lot of people need variety in their food. I seem to go in the other direction and find comfort in eating the same thing 5, 7, even 10 times in a row before I move on to something else. When I'm living with someone else it can drive them crazy. LOL

To the left here you can see my muffin maker open with some mix in each of the cups. I add batter anywhere from the half way point up to the top. I generally find the best results when I keep the muffins on the small side. I dip them in butter to eat and the smaller size tends not to fall apart when I dip. I hate crumbs in my butter!

This is what the muffins look like when they're done. These are average size for what I bake though the muffin maker is capable of making them about twice that big. I just find that having them that big makes for a lot more crumbs on the floor so I keep them small. Small and tasty, I might add!

Less than a week before I have to give up the eggs and cheese. That'll be more of a challenge than giving up meat but it's only for February. That's just 4 weeks. It should be easy. Bring on the bread, beans and rice!

UPDATE: A few people have asked about the muffin maker. It's a Breville Muffin Magic (MFM50XL) that I bought last February 7th, according to Amazon. It was on clearance then and doesn't seem to be currently available. I really like it a lot. It's very fast and cleanup is a breeze. Nothing sticks to it and the muffins come out easily with the slight assistance of a fork.


Azgreeneyes said…
I love the muffin maer! I could definitely use one here, so please tell me where you got it!

Here from Michele's
Teresa said…
Most men I've known seem to do the eat the same thing until they get sick of it phases. So that doesn't bother me so much. I can't do it though. I don't even eat leftovers very often.
kenju said…
Muffins are usually pretty high in calories, Dave. Won't you gain weight eating so many of them?
MissMeliss said…
Michele sent me this morning.

I suspect you're getting enough variety in the long run. I go through phases, too.

And your muffin maker is adorable.
~Cathy~ said…
Great! Now I'm hungry for muffins! Real good for my diet! LOL ;)

Good luck on the no eggs and cheese. Not sure I could do that!

Michele sent me to visit!
Becky68 said…
Hi Utenzi, I'm here on a retun visit from your stopping by my blog last night! I was amazed to see you have that food fad problem too! I thought my ex was the only other person (besides me) who did that. You're right though, it drives my kids crazy when I make the same dinner for 4 weeks in a row or have broccoli at every meal because I'm really into it at that time!
Aging Fab said…
It's still an hour away from lunch and I'm beginning to crave a muffin. Not even sure that we have any?? I like your muffin maker. Didn't even know that they existed. I just love my kitchen gadgets... not much of a cook but I love my kitchen gadgets! ;)
rampant bicycle said…
Muffins are delicious (and those are adorable!)

I sometimes do that for certain foods, for a while...not quite to this extent :) but I'll eat the same thing for lunch every day for a long time, and such.

Hello from Michele's!
Bluegrass Mama said…
I do love muffins, but need something a little more solid to go along with them. I think I spy Jiffy muffin mix in your picture--that's my favorite. The corn muffin mix also makes great pancakes, in case you decide to go through a pancake phase sometime.
srp said…
Just remember, it is not just the amount of carbs you eat but which ones.... Say NO to bread, cookies, muffins (sorry), white potatoes and rice. Very high glycemic index carbs, they tax your Islets....stick with the beans, salads, green beans, asparagus, broccoli and such, even though you don't like them.
utenzi said…
Sorry, Roxanne. I'm not in this for the calories--just to test food sensitivities with my IBS. The carbs I'll be tending towards are exactly the ones you tell me to stay away from. I'm bad that way. BTW, you left out my favorite group: candy!
Nikki-ann said…
Here from Michele's :)

I can't eat muffins (milk content), but I'd LOVE to have a choc chip muffin right now! I go through food crazes too. I'll be mad about a certain food for a month or so, maybe longer, and then move on.
Anonymous said…
I have a muffin maker, too. It's called an oven. RDRR.
Seriously, that looks cool. I have a self-imposed ban on gadgets, because I usually use them a few times, leave them uncleaned, don't have the patience to clean them, and toss them instead.
Enjoy your yummy muffins.
Anonymous said…
Great post! You had me laughing out loud! Good thing my husband isn't home. He already thinks I'm a little nutty!

Good luck with the new diet plan.I'm original from South Dakota so I didn't know there was food without animal products in them!
Anonymous said…
In my book, muffins are soul food, so I can see why you could become addicted to them! Your muffin maker is so cute too. (Is it just me or does that sound like a come on?)


Ari (Baking and Books)
David said…
you are clearly insane ( and I should know) here from michele
utenzi said…
You're far too married for that to be a come-on, Ari. Damn shame tho.

Dave, you're so right! My girlfriend reminds me of that fact all the damn time.

Carli, but ovens take a lot longer and use more energy. I like my muffins like I like my women--fast, hot, and plump. And no nuts!
Anonymous said…
Goodness but those muffins look delicious. I've never heard of a muffin maker but if there are 'makers' for everything else including waffles and bread, I guess a muffin maker is a darn good idea too. Especially one that cooks up a batch in 6 min!!

Hope you're having a good weekend! - here from Michele *waves*
Anonymous said…
That's a cool muffin maker, but i think I'll stick with my George Foreman Lean Mean Grillin' Machine...

Michele sent me,

mariamusic said…
I'd imagine it it could be a challenge to go on a no meat diet!

perhaps I could do some similar going on a diet that is.
Mrs. Fun said…
Okay,i need a muffing maker. Where can I find one.
Not sure i could eat 10 muffins a day though.

Here via Micheles :)
kontan said…
I am not picky when it comes to variety of food. Eating is not one of the things in life that I "enjoy", it's just one of those things that has to be done. That is not to say that there are times I don't enjoy it, it is just not in my top 5. So nope, not weird a bit. Love the muffin maker though. Cool
Michelle said…
OOoooo i need me one of those! I will be on the lookout :o)
Charles in HK said…
Mmmmmm... looks very, very tasty! Thanks!

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