Wikipedia Meme

Here's a meme I came across on Claire's blog. She's a sweet British lass with a great love of music, both live and recorded.

1. Go to Wikipedia
2. In the search box, type your birth month and day (but not year)
3. Choose 3 events that happened on your birthday
4. Choose 2 important births and 1 interesting death
5. Post it!

So, my birthday is May 17th:


1590 - Anne of Denmark is crowned Queen of Scotland.
1814 - The Constitution of Norway is signed and the Danish Crown Prince Christian Frederik is elected King of Norway by the Norwegian Constituent Assembly.

...and for a big change in theme...
2004 - Massachusetts becomes the first state in the United States to legalize Same-sex marriage


1682 - Bartholomew Roberts, AKA Black Bart, Notorious Welsh Pirate (d. 1722)
1903 - Cool Papa Bell, baseball player (d. 1991)
...and me!


1987 - Gunnar Myrdal, Swedish economist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1898)


Begered said…
I love Wikipedia. I have looked up my birthday before and there is tons of cool stuff that happened. I like looking up my friends and family too. Here from Michele's.

P.S. Hope you enjoyed your pig butt! ;)
MissMeliss said…
I have a birthday late in summer- not a lot happened, but I share it with Davey Crockett.

Or Daniel Boone. I confuse them.

Anyway, here from Michele's tonight, and you're my last stop before bed.
craziequeen said…
4 Nov

1922 - In Egypt, British archaeologist Howard Carter and his men find the entrance to King Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

1994 - San Francisco: First conference that focused exlusively on the subject of the commercial potential of the World Wide Web


1961 - Ralph Macchio, American actor
1969 - Matthew McConaughey, American actor

and a death......

1918 - Wilfred Owen, English poet (b. 1893)

One of the greatest WWI poets, along with Siegfried Sassoon....

Here via Michele
Noi Rocker said…
Thats interesting!
Claire said…
Thanks for joining in... and calling me sweet! :D
srp said…
I did mine: Birthday's -- Martin Luther King Jr., and Joan of Arc.
Deana said…
I just saw this over at Claire's. I had no idea that Sarah Jessica Parker and I share a birthday. Probably the same year...we are close I think.
And poor old Buck Owens died this year on my birthday!
Carmi said…
Cool idea! Mine's May 8th.

Two events from 1984 that I remember with vivid clarity:

"The Soviet Union announces that it will boycott the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California."


"Cpl. Denis Lortie enters the Quebec National Assembly and opens fire, killing three and wounding 13. René Jalbert, sergeant-at-arms of the assembly, succeeds in calming him, for which he will later receive the Cross of Valour."

I'll add this to my want-to-post list and will build an entry around this soon. I love Wikipedia for things like this, as it is a rich resource for learning exploration.

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