where did it go?

Have you ever lost something? No matter where you looked, it just wasn't there?

I can just see it: "Honey, where did we leave the house? It seems to be missing. I coulda sworn it was here when we went to bed last night..."

In case you didn't notice, there's a house missing in that picture to the left. Seems kinda strange. Speaking of strange, did anyone watch that two hour episode of Las Vegas last week? I just saw it tonight and what a load of carp. That show has jumped the shark so bad that all I could smell during the entire show was seafood. And very ripe seafood at that.

Ed Deline's daughter gets kidnapped, buried alive. My obvious thought is that she's such a horrible actress that this was their way to finally write her off of the show. No such luck. Good ole Ed just stole $50 million from the casino and had his favorite employees help him. All in a days work, I guess. Oh, and Mary Connell (played by Nikki Cox and the twins) fills in for every bloody employee in the hotel and screws up as a waitress, maid, masseuse, and DJ. She even hires and oversees a hotel mascot that feels up half the guests before she fires him. I guess the Montecito just isn't a good place to stay.

This week they're even going to have Wayne Newton on. Nasty shark bait there. Friday nights on NBC-be warned and stay away!

And that lost house? It's really just a construction project and for some reason they left the deck in place but removed the house. Here's the scene from up the hill a ways. That deck is at the extreme right edge of the picture--you can just see a corner of it from this angle.


angela marie said…
I've never seen that show. Isn't it relatively new? How could it have jumped the shark ALREADY!
Pearl said…
Maybe they're swapping a trailer home for an upgrade of a house with a basement.
srp said…
Perhaps there is someone out there that will actually build a home around their favorite deck!

The "bury alive in the ground" has been over worked. I think some soap opera I heard someone talking about did this recently and then the Las Vegas CSI did it. Wait! Vegas CSI, Vegas show... perhaps it was a cost saving deal.... share the props type thing.
kenju said…
I only watched about 3 episodes of that show, but if it has jumped the shark already, I am not surprised. The deck looks odd all by itself....LOL
Carmi said…
Wayne Newton is the ultimate kiss of death for any show. Does this man have any skill at all?

Dropped by from Michele's tonight. I hardly understand the appeal of most television these days...I'm ready to give up and revert to Gimme a Break reruns from my childhood.

OK, maybe not :)
craziequeen said…
But what a fantastic place to build a house....sorry, deck..... :-)

Here from you know where...[waves] hi Utenzi.....
rashbre said…
I watched a couple of episodes of Las Vegas, and here in the UK its on one of the strange channels which makes it hard to find again.

It was fun to look at the Las Vegas locations, which I've only visited once, but the plotline was rather feeble. They seemed to all be swapping roles and it was supposed to be oh so amusing and serious at the same time.

I'm afraid I lost the plot after two episodes.

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