sunrise on a foggy morning

The sunrise was really beautiful this morning. The temperature was hovering right at freezing and there was a thick blanket of fog all over. The fog had actually started accumulating the night before--I first noticed it just a little after midnight and it just kept getting denser during the wee hours.

I took this picture through my bathroom window looking out into my back yard just before 8am.

I finally got a haircut today and the lady that did it apparently went nuts. I'm nearly shaved! Eeeeek. Well, eventually it'll grow back but this time it'll take a while. I'll probably get a picture of it in the next day or two and post it. It's scary! I'm way too white to have my scalp showing through my hair. The glare will no doubt be blinding.

I'd been reading two Tom Clancy books and yesterdayI just finished the second one. I might put up a short review this weekend. Even though a lot of people don't like his writing--he's got oddles and oddles of technical data and a very cut and dried writing style--I'm not one of them. It amazes me how much detail he includes in his books. I'm already well into my next book, Isolation Ward. This one is a medical thriller by first time author Joshua Spanogle, who's currently a medical student at Stanford.


colleen said…
I hope you didn't lose any Sampson-like powers. The scene from your window is impressive! Or else your camera is. I'm here from michele's meet and greet.
Carmi said…
This picture is pure magic. We get fog fairly often here in the "other" London, and I'm always just a bit too late to capture it. You were obviously right on time, and your composition genes were firing on all cylinders when you took this.

Short hair fits much better under a helmet or a hat. For a while, my wife was cutting my hair with clippers. She hated it, though, because she said it was always too short. When I started doing more media work, she insisted that I get real haircuts from real hairdressers.

I still miss the do-it-at-home thing. It was so freeing!

Popped by from Michele's today. My gut tells me I'll be back :)
Catherine said…
So your scalp will be having a white Christmas? Sorry, couldn't resist that. Michele sent me.
Claire said…
That photo looks beautiful! Wow, what a view!

Sounds like the haircut was slightly scary! Hopefully your hair growth will be on the quicker side!
Kisane said…
Lucky you to have that view from your bathroom window.

Here from Michele *waves*
Terri said…
What a great has a mystical quality to it.
And about the hair...that's the good WILL grow back. Eventually.
Here from Michele's....
David said…
never mind the pics of you, Keep the landscapes coming - THAT is spectacular!
Hvae a beautiful weekend, as your hair grows back
srp said…
That's lovely. I thought we might get some fog but it was wimpy at best. With the large solar flair I thought the webcams might be flooded with aurora. The best webcam in Alaska is defunct but I found one in Sweden that had a bit of aurora, haven't checked yet. I wonder if Carmi saw anything?

About the medical thriller... oh, no another medical student trying to write "Coma". If the main characters are medical students, some of the antics would be plausable as they are a strange lot. But residents? By that stage all fun and adventure and "crawling through the dusty air conditioning ducts of a hospital" are not even on ones list to consider.

Oh, yes.... here from Michele this time.
It sets such a mood...I Love that!

Here from Michele today!
Anonymous said…
Sorry I haven't written in awhile. I just wanted to let you know that I thought the picture was really beautiful. I wish that I had the time to enjoy a sunrise.
Pearl said…
Beautiful scene.

haircutters make me nervous. It's as if some took an optional course in how to override client wishes and give them the haircut haircutter wants not what the client wants. Worst is if she says ooops, oops as she cuts. Makes my hair staad on end.

and ah, re: on the rag? lol. hm.
kimmyk said…
I love your pictures!

They are so beautiful. Absolutely jealous! I'm learning how to use my Nikon. Maybe one of these days I'll take something half as great as that photo. I think I need to move though..when I look out my bathroom window, well...I see my neighbors bedroom and believe me....I don't wanna be lookin in their window with my camera. Might have some explain' to do.

Have a great weekend!
Marie said…
Awesome pic!!

And just think of all the $ you won't need to spend on shampoo?!

Michele sent me today..
kenju said…
Dave, I really think you should have that one blown up and framed. What a classic pic!
Anonymous said…
wonderful picture, I always like the early sun burning through fog. As for the hair, just figure it'll be additional month before you have to sit down in the chair again. here from Michele's

posting anonymously, being beta-blocked,

Michelle said…
Wow, now that is a stunning photo..beautiful :o)

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