slutty Miss USA

For readers not familiar with the current crisis in the US, the title refers to a mini-scandal that's taking place here in the USA now. Apparently the reigning Miss USA (it's some silly beauty pageant thing) who's underage by a few months has been out to dance clubs drinking and partying. This behavior is causing consternation and there was talk about stripping the title from Tara Conner.

Personally, I think the whole thing is silly because I think most kids, if they suddenly become famous, would likely do exactly what Conner has. That is, party 'til they puke. I know that was pretty common behavior when I was in college and we didn't get free drinks. I can't imagine what we would have done in her shoes (okay, we'd get pinched toes)

Anyway, here's David Letterman's Top 10 list relating to this "crisis":

Top Ten Miss USA Excuses

10. "Thought a slutty Miss USA could help make America popular again"

9. "Haven't been myself since I heard Rumsfeld was retiring"

8. "Cracked under the pressure of having to smile and wave at people for a year"

7. "Russians drugged my sushi"

6. "If a hot babe can't get drunk, sleep around and make out with her female roommate, the terrorists have won"

5. "I told them my talent was 'beer pong'"

4. "It's Isiah Thomas' fault"

3. "Too drunk to think of a number 3"

2. "Wanted to skip straight to the has-been portion of my career"

1. "Why should Paris Hilton get all the 'drunken whore' ink?"


kenju said…
I guess since Trump has had 2nd,3rd and 4th chances at being a millionaire, he decided to give this one a Pay-it-forward chance. I hope she plays it straight this time.
Claire said…
I hadn't heard about this but think it's really funny! I remember similar disgust in the papers when Prince Harry was going out and getting drunk underage...welcome to the world of underage teens!
srp said…
I think the whole beauty pageant thing is overrated. The only redeeming factor is the scholarship money for college.

This one should have been fired. The Donald's excuse was that she was from a small town in Kentucky.... how insulting! She had been groomed for this and been in pageants since age four... (shades of Jon Bonet) Therefore she KNEW the rules going into this; knew them upside down and backwards. She broke them. She should be out. Life doesn't always give second chances.
utenzi said…
*ouch* That's harsh, Roxanne. Ummm. Does that apply to cats too? ;-)
srp said…
It probably comes from all those nights holding retractors in surgery, as the resident tried to piece the gunshot wounds back together; only to discover the next morning that this same person had scars from previous knife fights, gun shots, and suicide attempts. It is then you start to say why.... why am I paying out the nose in money and stress to put these people back together? Why did I not become a vet? Animals are most often hurt either by accident or by things that humans do to them and hunt other animals only for food. I suppose you could say the Pit Bull is vicious... but again, man made them that way by training and by breeding.

It just seems that if you have fame, notoriety, athletic talent, money and such.... the general rules of decency don't apply. Somehow the fact that she's going to rehab at age 21 doesn't help.... if she were stripped of the crown and went to rehab.... that would mean something.

Don't worry, it's just one of those things that irritates me... I get over it. OF course Miss Nevada did her thing today and lost her crown. Perhaps the Donald should set a better example with his personal life... let's see, he is on wife #3....

And yes it applies to cats.... several here will be getting a lump of coal in their stockings. Max, the pooch gets a new squeaky basketball...
Michelle said…
I think beauty pageants and the chicks that enter them get exactly what they deserve! Thankgod most are non existant in Australia :o)
rampant bicycle said…
srp has a point, I must admit. Money, power, or prettiness do not and should not excuse bad behavior.

On the other's easy to imagine a kid suddenly thrust into such a flashy position going a little...overboard.

Do I want to excuse her or not? I'm not sure.

Here from Michele's today.
Pageant Mom said…
It didn't hurt Vanessa Williams one bit. As a matter of fact, I'll bet she's the ONLY Miss America anyone can name. Mark my word, she'll be the most famous one yet. Trump has plenty of crap in his closet, why wouldn't he give her a second chance? If he didn't he'd be accused of being two faced. He wins this way. An Trump ALWAYS wins LOLOL.

Oh, and btw, very, very, few girls make out on the scholarship money... You'd be much better off writing essays and begging for grants ;o)

So very been there, done that, and have some really cool T shirts to show for it!!!

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