moon over utenzi

I took this picture last night. The sky was very weird looking. You only get some of the effect in this picture. The whole sky was filled with these little puffs of cloud. Oddly enough, the clouds caused me to think of the Isles of Langerhan, a type of endocrine tissue in the Pancreas

I took the picture around midnight on my back deck, you can see my roof-line on the right side.

This was taken hand held so it's a little blurred. For me to have gotten a good exposure with so little ambient light I'd have had to have used a tripod but I didn't have one in the house last night.


This is a fantasitc picture! Very eerie, actually! And the fact that you took it without a tripod is EXCELLENT!
Anonymous said…
That is a strange sky... a little spooky, but it makes me feel like a great story is about to start. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
Michelle said…
Oooooo what a cool photo Dave. When i stare at it, it looks like a skull!!
Pearl said…
Pretty. The clouds has got a whispy-net-clustering sort of thing going on.
Tara said…
I was gonna say they same thing as Michelle! Definately a skull. Creepy! I love it.
srp said…
Oh Dave, you wandered into my field.
If you are thinking the area of the moonlight looked like a "single" Isle of Langerhans surrounded by the puffy clouds representing the small acini of the exocrine pancreas.... then yes..... sort of.

It really looks like some sort of snake skin or skin from a Star Wars creature.
nancy said…
This is so cool. Right out of a fantasy novel or something.
Carmi said…
A totally ethereal image, Dave. I'd have it no other way. I often look up at the sky and wonder how to capture it. You've given me new inspiration to head outside next time the moon is up.

But not tonight: the snow is howling something fierce right now, and has been doing so all day. Likely will continue all night, too.

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