Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from rainy ole South Carolina. Overnight we had 0.7 inches of cold rain come down and it's still raining hard. I'm glad to have gotten in some kayaking yesterday since I'm probably not going to bother today.

Right now we are waiting for two teenagers to wake up so that the presents can be unwrapped. Their 12 year old brother is having some trouble containing his impatience. LOL

Pictures to follow if I can deal with this dial-up connection. That's where my impatience is focused. It's nearly impossible even to check Email let alone post pictures!

Have a merry Christmas everyone.


Nikki-ann said…
Merry Christmas! Nadolig Llawen! :D

I hope you're having a wonderful day!
kenju said…
Merry Christmas, Dave!!
Claire said…
I stayed with my sister and brother-in-law last night and was rudely awoken at 6am!! We headed for home at 7am and knowing my 19yr old brother wouldn't have got up I had one phone calling his mobile and another phone calling the landline (as he has an extension in his room!) Yes I am a cruel big sister...but the other big sister was planning an ice attack to wake him up so I thought I was much nicer!

Hope you're having a lovely Christmas!
sassyassy said…
Merry Christmas, dear Utenzi! Your comments so crack me up!

I had lots of catch up to do:

1. must go find the book you are recommending
2. hope your pupils are the correct size now & I think your haircut is cute
3. I thought all the girls in those beauty contests were slutty
4. Hope you got to go kayaking
srp said…
Sometime around 15, the inner urge to sleep over powers the urge to see the dawn, even for presents. We aimed for 8AM but didn't really make it until 10AM. We had to be done before my brother called from Vienna.
Now, will go look at your pictures... did you get any while kayaking?

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