may the wind be at your back

The temperature overnight has been too warm lately.

If it gets below freezing I can get great pictures of fog on the water. But since it's bottomed out around 40 the past two nights all I've had is gray skies and that's just boring!

This picture I took today when I went out for a brief paddle. It was so damn windy that even 45f felt cold and between fighting the waves and wind, I just lost interest after a mile or so. I took this picture just before turning back. I'd used an island to help break the wind and waves by coming up on its lee side but once I was in the main channel I decided I just wasn't interested in paddling upwind. So home I went and it was one Hell of a lot faster paddling with the wind at my back!

A number of waves broke over the kayak so I was quite soaked and that helped me decide to return. Paddling keeps your upper body pretty warm, even in windy conditions, but if you're sitting in several inches of cold water your legs and butt just get numb!


kenju said…
Dave, I have NO idea why you want to do something that would require you to sit in several inches of COLD water!
Teresa said…
No offense, Dave... but I prefer "unfoggy" pictures. This one is lovely. :-)
Pearl said…
Sounds miserable in an invigorating, thank-god-for-hot-cocoa sort of way.
srp said…
I like foggy pictures but count me out on that cold water. It made me shiver reading your post... or, could it be my room is cold because the window is open... never mind.

I guess we should start saying Happy New Year. I've always thought it should be Happy Christmas and Merry New Year...
Bob-kat said…
A cold butt is never a good thing. I'm afraid I'm more of a fair weather person!

I would love to see some pics if the fog does develop over the water though! Sounds like they could be very interesting.
netchick said…
Sounds like a fun morning. Do you not use an 'envelope' -- I forget what they're called... To keep water out?

Your pics are always great! Thanks for sharing them.
Carmi said…
I love going out on the water with you. With words and images, you make it seem as if we're actually there.

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