gotta love those peanuts

These cartoons are all from Mark Parisi. I often like the odd point of view he uses when penning a cartoon. Kinda like Far Side but not as disturbing. He's also got an affiliate program for bloggers to make 20% on sales if you join a weekly cartoon post program but I don't like that much structure. I just like to read the cartoons.

In a way, you have to feel sorry for the Nut.

This one is a little silly.

This one had me blushing! That Nut is quite a cad.


Teresa said…
Cute cartoons... but the banner is making me dizzy!
Yaeli said…
Ooohhh those naughty nuts!
Anonymous said…
Ha! That last one made me laugh, and at 2:14am no less!

Ari (Baking and Books)
utenzi said…
Sleep is vastly over rated, Ari.

You're right, Teresa. I'll have to do something about that banner.
Claire said…
These are great! I've never seen them before. Very funny!

I love the new banner, very cool!
Pearl said…
Nothing cuter than a comic than maybe a blushing man. ;)

I like his style of comics. I should visit his site more often.
srp said…
Is Mr. Peanut his main topic?
I didn't know there was anything that made you blush!
kenju said…
I like the new banner, Dave!

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