donkeys, Republicans and ER

The year is almost over and the death of former US president Gerald Ford is bringing all sorts of secrets to light. Taped conversations from the former president as well as conversations with reporters that had not been made public during his lifetime are sure to have dramatic impact on many public figures like President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Kissinger and the events surrounding Nixon's presidency. It should make the beginning of 2007 very interesting for historians.

How do you like those eyelashes??? (you might need to click on the picture to see them clearly)

These two pictures are of some donkeys in SC. They belong to a neighbor of my parents. My Dad feeds them when the neighbors are away.

I went with him on two days, December 25 and 27th, to take pictures of the critters. The mini-ranch is about 15 miles away from their house and they have 9 donkeys and some chickens there.

It's quite surprising how little odor surrounds the donkeys. Other than the manure pile, there's almost no smell. I wish the same could be said of my nephew's ferret! That thing is soooo musky--but cute as the dickens.

I've finally started to watch this season of ER. I watched the first two episodes on Thursday and will probably watch at least another 3 on Friday. There's been 10 so far this season and I'd like to catch up by this next Thursday.

One thing is for sure, that is one hospital I'm very glad not to work in! Shoot-outs, people getting raped, frequent firings and sexual misadventures--it's nothing like the hospital I work in. Knock on wood!

UPDATE: It's 8:28am and time for me to go get some sleep. I stayed up all night watching ER episodes. All 10 that I had recorded. What a weird way to spend a day off from work. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


srp said…
I quit with ER... helicopters falling out of the sky, bombs, babies and bimbos. Real hospitals are boring. ;)

BTW, I DO have a dog.... Max. A rescue dog. He has lymphoma. Primary in the skin so akin to mycosis fungoides. He was diagnosed last January, started chemo the first of March and his nodules went away. He does have quite a few scabby sebaceous lesions popping up right now... not sure if this is a different manifestation of his tumor or just lesions typical for cockers. He is a spoiled rotten dog who loves to show off for anyone who watches him and fiercely protective when he is between a stranger and me. So far, so good.
utenzi said…
Yeah, I hear you. ER and I have had a tumultuous relationship also. There's been several seasons where I never watched a single episode but I watched most of last season and I think I'll watch this year also, Roxanne.

It doesn't sound so good for Max. I hope it works out. Nobody deserves to be left alone with a lot of cats. Max is doing good work--I hope he can continue for a long, long time.
Bob-kat said…
I'm afraid I never got along with ER but then I'm not a big watcher of Tv anyway.

Those Donkeys are lovely. I have always had a soft spot for them :-)

You were right about cats btw - they hate change of any kind and mine takes it especially personally , lol!
Anonymous said…
Hey ;) Here via Michele's Happ New year ;)
colleen said…
And he called Cheney "pugncious." Ford was a decent guy. I enjoyed catching up here, Utenzi! Michele sent me.
Linda said…
I'm still waiting patiently for someone, ANYONE, to buy me the ER series DVD's...every year I ask for them, every year I don't get them. sigh.
JessiBelle said…
If the hospital I worked at had a Dr as hot as Luka, I might have hung around longer...

Donkey's are adorable, but not as mcuh as llamas or alpacas. Alpacas are sooo cute.

Michele sent me!

HAppy New Year!
craziequeen said…
I love donkeys - but then I love most animals.... - and these are just the cutest!

Have you ever checked out the eyelashes on a giraffe? Serious lashes..... :-)

Michele sent me today, Utenzi
Anonymous said…
Quite the eclectic collection of topics! I don't know if I could start with Ford, move to donkeys and finish with ER even if I had thought of it -

Although I don't know much about donkeys or ER, I can weigh in on Ford. The consensus is that he was a decent and honorable man. I believe this to be true as well. He took the helm in one of this nation's darkest times - and I don't mean just Watergate - and held it together. He was in a no win situation and survived it with honor. Lessons to be learned?

Michele sent me,

Veda said…
Fifteen miles away = neighbor? Wow. I thought I grew up in NowhereLand!
Never was much of an "ER" fan myself. Isn't that where G. Clooney kicked off his career? See, shows what I know. :)

Here from Michele's
surcie said…
I'm not up on the latest Ford news, but you've piqued my interests.

Poor donkeys get such a bad wrap when, clearly, they'd make excellent housepets.

Happy New Year from coastal NC, Utenzi!
Anonymous said…
Funny. I mentioned 'jackasses' and ferrets in my post today as well.

My wife likes those hospital shows. Ever since my mom died, I refuse to watch anything that takes place in hospitals, myself.

Here via Michele today. Happy New Year, amigo.
donna said…
quite the array of topics, I must admit...I am not much of a tv watcher and couldn't imagine staying up all night for it...perhaps with popcorn!!

have a blessed new year..

Catherine said…
Which season of ER is that? We've just had the one which set some shows in Darfur, and in which Neela's husband was killed. It's summer now, so all we are getting is repeats and old movies. Happy New Year. Michele sent me.
Becky68 said…
Here from Micheles,
I have a love/hate relationship with ER I'm afraid. My ex was an EMT & watched the show religiously so I watched too. I thought it was good but a little too bloody & graphic for my taste. I stopped watching when the ex went his own way & never really got into it again. Though sometimes when I stop something I've been watching on dvr & the tv is on NBC I'll end up getting sucked into the plot of ER again!
I agree with you that the revelations being dropped with Ford's death will give historians & political junkies something to do until they start the '08 presidential race in earnest.
scrappintwinmom said…
Someday I'll actually have enough free tinme to watch an entire season of...something. Happy New year from me & Michele!
MissMeliss said…
I like burros better than traditional donkeys, but they're all cute. I've heard they're great natural lawn mowers, as well.

ER - I watch when I remember, but a personal marathon isn't a bad way to kill a day off. Me? I got season six of The West Wing for Christmas, and have been watching that for the last couple of evenings.

Well, that and shopping for perfume.
Carmi said…
I admire your tenacity in catching up on ER. I'm trying to do the same thing with Friday Night Lights: I've been downloading the Torrent files all season, and have been watching them whenever I can get a free moment.

But I think I need a late night viewing jag to fully catch up.
Nancy said…
Love the farm pictures.

ER is addictive. I have not watched consistently for years. But, always watch on re-runs.

HAppy 2007!
Pearl said…
Those are gorgeous eyelashes. Holidays is about catching up on leisure. I'm with you there.

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