dilated pupils

It's been 4 hours since my eye exam and my pupils still haven't gone back to their normal size. My appointment was at 3pm and afterwards, when I went to drive home, I had to use sunglasses despite it being a cloudy day. Usually the drops don't have that much of a lingering affect on me. Maybe they're using a different brand these days at the clinic I go to.

This is me at 7pm with the pupils still dilated somewhat. You can also kinda see the haircut I was complaining about a few days ago. It's so damn short!

Not much else to comment on today. Oh, what do you think about the rescue efforts for those 3 lost hikers in Oregon? I know it's callous but every time I see the coverage I wonder how much all that rescue effort is costing. It's very unfortunate that the one fellow died and the outlook is bleak for the other two. While mountain climbing is inherently dangerous, no doubt these experienced climbers were done in by the fickle weather and not their own mistakes. The weather around big mountains is just too damn unpredictable for safety.

I've done my share of wandering out in the woods over the years though the mountain climbing I've done was never technical and rarely in Winter.
I can definitely understand why climbers would want to tackle these peaks but I personally have never wanted to climb up ice. Once you need crampons and ice axes I totally lose interest.

Time for me to go cut up a green pepper and grill the pepper and some sausage and onions for tonight's dinner. I'm feeling lazy and am just going to add those items to a store-bought sauce for a quick and easy pasta dinner.


netchick said…
Hay Dave, I like your haircut!

It's so rare to have a photo of you here!! Yay for photos!

And, although I'm going to sound a little callous, I'm not sure that I agree with how extreme the search is for the hikers. It's horribly sad, but they went up knowing the risks, and to put so many rescuers at risk because of their bad judgement really bothers me. I dunno. It's just really sad all around.
Michelle said…
Sounds delicous! What time do you want me over?
Bob-kat said…
Hi, No problem!

I've been looking at SLR cameras again and I think you're right about the 300D. The perils of doing research on the internet and sometimes getting ols pages! If I don't get one from Santa then basically I will be looking for a good value one in the New Year sales here, in which case. Basically I'm just looking for one to practice on atm, so not too expensive but still one that will perform well for the money!

As for the climbers, if they were experienced then I am sure they did not go up there unprepared and wantonly putting rescuers lives at risk because I suspect they all expected to come down safely. In which case I think it is tremendously sad that the mountain won but as you say, they knew the risks. I judge them no more than others that end up in difficult situations and need help.

Hope your eyes are back to nor!mal
No_Newz said…
It started out like Little Red Riding Hood. My Dave, what big eyes you have...
I hope everything is back to its original size by now and you can see clearly.

*Lois runs off singing, "I can see clearly now the rain is gone...."
srp said…
I think the haircut is fine. My dog Max feels the same way you do. He hides in his dog house every time he gets groomed. Hope the eyes get back to normal soon. I hate it when I have to do that... looking through the microscope is excruciating when the pupils are dilated. I can always fix the focus but the light hurts.

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